Do stuffed animals stink up the bathroom?

Storie calls me into the bathroom yesterday morning.

"What's that smell?" she asks.

"Um, I don't know?" Not wanting to call attention to the project she is working on.

"It's dog poop." Storie says, clearly irritated I couldn't figure that out for myself.
"Max is making this place smell really bad, go put him in the playroom." She demands.

"Honey, I am not sure it is Max, how do you know?"

"Every time I bring him in the bathroom he smells like stunk, take him out!!

So I did and it didn't seem to help the smell situation!


.:Anna:. said...

Haha oh Storie...

Tina - Calif said...

What gorgeous kids! I would like to enter your PB2 giveaway...

Thank you!

Tina - Calif

Our Crazy Life said...

That is hillarious!!!!! What a cutey!

Teechur said...

That sounds PERFECTLY reasonable to me...dumb stuffed animal stinkin' up the joint!

And hey, it's Tory. I love love love Pb2. I put it on cereal and it makes that little bit of leftover milk like a present. ;)