No crying over forgotten milk!

Today at 2:30 I decided it would be a good idea to drag all the kids to both Walmart and Target super stores. I had to have them at Tucker's baseball practice by 5:30 dressed, fed dinner, and all the stuff packed for four hours at the ballpark in 100 degree heat. Needless to say I was in a hurry. We raced through Walmart and jumped in line at the first checkout closest to the door, you know line #1, the one next to the super fast self checkout.

I have a full overflowing cart and 6 children all in line also, when a woman, who looked exactly like the woman in the picture below, gets in line behind us with a single box of wheat thins. She was ranting and raving about something on the phone and was clearly in a hurry. I tried multiple times to get her attention and show her that I also had coupons to be rung up, along with the cart full of groceries, and to suggest she go over to one of the four open 'fifteen or less items' registers. But she refused to look at me.
When the cashier got to my coupons and started putting them in, the woman freaked out and snatched her crackers off the line knocking the gum rack down and marched over to the self check out yelling at me, VERY loudly.

I finished checking out and looked over to see that her box of crackers refused to be rung up and they had to call a manager to go get her another box.... So she ended up in line two people longer than if she had stayed behind me and was still freaking out. I hope her day got better!
From Walmart we raced to Target and and ran through the store trying to not loose a child, which was a miracle considering how packed the place was. I drug them out to the car, counted heads and raced home arriving at 5pm, just in time to throw them back in the car for the baseball game.
Above is everything I got completely FREE today! The only two things missing from my free stuff picture? The two gallons of milk that I got FREE and left on the bottom of my cart in the Target parking lot!

But the good thing is I called Target when I realized what I did and they told me to come in tomorrow with my receipt and they would give me two more gallons! It is a hassle to go back in but at least it was milk and not a child!

Ever lost a kid or left groceries in the cart before??


Amanda said...

No kids or groceries in the cart, but a pack of deli ham fell out of the bag in my trunk once and was hidden by all the other junk back there. Soon a lovely aroma started filling our car and that's when I realized the meat I thought I had left in the cart at Kroger was really in my car all the time. :)

The Mom said...

Oh my gosh! Gross! I had a friend that did the same thing but with a package of raw chicken!

Audrey said...

Last weekend, I pulled my daughter out of the cart and put her in the car. When I got to the next store, I realized she was missing one shoe! Luckily, it was still in the cart when we got back to the first store!

Together We Save said...

Oh yeah. Everything left in the cart once when one of mine threw a fit for gum.

Kevin and Natali McKee said...

Hey, I just started following your blog. I just recently went to Target to get my daughter's prescription medicine and grabbed a few things while we waited for it to be filled. I loaded all 5 kids up(this was my first outing alone with 5 since my 5th one was just born) I loaded everyone up grabbed the bags and I got home, unloaded 4 kids and realized I left the medicine (which wasn't bagged) in the cart, out in the Vegas heat. Well, I drove back and it was no longer there and the pharmacy said no one returned it and I had to refill it and the insurance will not pay for a second prescription in the same day so it was a very expensive mistake. At least I haven't left a child, that would be horrible.

Diane J. said...

Oh my goodness, too funny. Sounds like a day in my life. Yes, I've left groceries in the cart. Although my biggest panic was when I left my coupon holder in a cart. I raced backed to the store, sweating bullets...WHEW! It was still in the cart in the cart return in the lot.

Meagan and John said...

in high school I had a teacher who had 9 kids (shortly after I graduated his wife had their 10th baby), anyhow he once told of a trip up nother (at the time we lived in the middle of nowhere so we would have to travel 100 miles 1 way to go to walmart) Anyhow, it was late and they stopped at walmart on the way home and everyone but 1 son got out to go to the bathroom while dad was busy gassing up, the one that didnt' get out was asleep in the back of their huge van (16 passenger I think) either way, they got home and went to bed, it wasn't until they received a call the following day from his sister askign if she coudl speak to the child who supposidly missed the potty break cause he was asleep--the dad ofcourse informed her that he was still asleep in his bed, she suggest that he go and wake him, upon arriving at his room the dad noticed the bed was empty

sure enough the son was at his sisters house, turns out while everyone was in the bathroom he woke up and ventured into walmart to find everybody, somehow they missed each other and by the time he got back out the van was gone, so he called the sister who lived not so far away (being that his parents didn't have a cell phone) and she went and picked him up, they were all wondering when the parents would figure otu he was missing, didn't think it would take that long. when this happened the boy was either pre-teen or teenage

the same teacher also told of another time when he kicked two of his children out of the car while driving down the freeway because they wouldn't stop fighting

the best part about this is despite this horrible stories this teacher was an excellent teacher and father, he just had unusual ways of gettin the point across

once my husband and I went to work and forgot the baby at home, luckily at the time a friend was staying with us and later awoke to the screaming infant and took care of him till we both returned, she though didn't awaken till about 10, and the child usually woke up at 7 so you can all do the math and figure otu just how mad he was at the point she went and got him.


.:Anna:. said...

I think I've purposely TRIED to leave some kids I've been babysitting but somehow they always find their way back.... *sigh*

Like the one time I took Emma and Tucker when they were 4 and 5 to go Christmas shopping at JCPenney with me and Heather. They were playing tag with each other in the store and of course, right in front of the line of about 50 people Tucker shoved/tagged Emma and she went flying into the clothing rack. The whole thing toppled over! Tucker was surprised, backed up and knocked off the hanging maniquin. It was fantastic. I just looked at them and very loudly said, "Who's children are these and why are they following me???"

Anonymous said...

I love it..can always count on you for a great morning story..and again i will say after all that you are STILL PREGNANT and not in a MENTAL HOSPITAL!!! I would not be able to do half of what you do in a day. I SO LOOK UP TO YOU EVERY DAY WHEN I WAKE UP TO ONLY ONE LITTLE GUY...and think if Tiffany can do it with 6 and pregnant I can get through my day at 43 years old and only one little 18 month old...WOW!! YOU ARE MY HERO!!!

Celeste said...

yes a child and groceries.
I have left groceries multiple times under the cart, I forget to look.
My son, we lost for about 10 minutes at the Woodlands Mall. My dad was suppose to be keeping an eye on him and he ran off on him at the food court, I was just telling the lady at the carousel that my son was missing and she was on the walkie-talkie telling mall security and I was about to go store to store asking if they saw a little boy wearing what he was that day when my son came around the corner with 6 toothpicks in his hand. He had walked around the food court gathering food samples and when he saw me at the carousel he must have thought I was taking his sister on it without him. He was 3 when it happened not that long ago.

BeaDandelion said...

better than milk... left beer.