Teacher's Gift Idea

This might be a little late for some, but I thought I would share because I think it turned out really cute!

I painted about 1/3 of the classes hands and randomly placed them on the pot. Next, I took the rest of the class and did their thumbprints in yellow. I wrote their names next to their prints. When I got home I painted the yellow thumbprints into bumble bees and painted their names in black. I decorated the rim and painted, "Thank you Mrs. Varnum for helping us bloom and grow." around the rim.

Now, I glazed and fired mine in my kiln so it was all shiny and pretty so if you don't have a kiln handy ( like in your back pocket!) you could use a terra cotta pot and regular paint, like tole paint. I think you would need to seal/poly it with something to protect it.
Twelve hours later when it came out of the kiln, I planted a little herb garden with basil, rosemary and cilantro.
I wish I would have made these for Mother's Day for the Grandmother's, they turned out really cute and are something a little useful. I obviously would have used my kids handprints, maybe the dog and cats if I could have held them down :)

I only did the herb garden for the classroom that I was room Mom. All the kids are taking chocolate to their own teachers and bus drivers. It is all getting a little out of control everyone that we have to give something to at the end of the year. With 4 kids in school I had 16 different end of the year thank you's to hand out.

Do you give out thank you's at the end of the year? What do you usually give?


Suzanne said...

Very cute!!! I wish I would have known sooner you were doing this then I could have asked very nicely for you to make 3 more!!

akared75 said...

This is so super cute! She will LOVE it! Being a former teacher, and my hubby a teacher, I think it is very important to say thank you to the teachers who have helped your children. And I think it is just as important for the children to give the teachers something... I usually give those big flowering plants that they can put outside for the summer. My kids love picking them out. This year my son's teacher LOVES chocolate, he has told me he HAS to get her chocolate, so we will make a trip to Fannie May and he can get her some.
Tiffany, I have 4 children- under 6- and another on the way- can I ask, when do you find the time to do all these wonderful things? I just came across your blog and you are an inspiration to me! I decided it was time to use coupons!
One question, do you sell those awesome platters I have seen on here? I would love to buy one,they are awesome!!! Please let me know if you do where I can go! Thanks so much!

Julie said...

We've do a similar thing for teachers. I buy perennials (something cheery like a gerbera daisy) and the girls make little stakes (like you would see in a vegetable garden) using cardstock and large tongue depressors. The cardstock says "Thanks for helping me grow" and we stick it in the dirt in the pot. The teachers seem to love it because they can plant it wherever they want in their own yard and save the little stake & tag.

Katie said...

VERY cute!! I did the good ol' crayon for their last name first letter framed...I actually just blogged it last night. I like this better though...must steal for next year! Thanks! :)

Jennifer said...

First of all, that pot is totally CUTE!! I'm sure that teacher will really get good use out if it!!

For an end of year gift I usually make a set of ten really cute "Thank You" cards . I package them in a clear box and wrap a matching ribbon around the center. I buy a box of the scented tea light candles that also come in a clear box and make a coordinating band that matches the cards to go around the box. I am also a former teacher and always made sure to send home thank you cards for every gift received during the school year. So I figured these would come in handy for school or personal use:)

Sylvia said...

This is a total thumbs up! {and I was a picky teacher, hmmmm...sad} BUT you did an outstanding job creating a keepsake that will be meaningful for years to come. I love it! I have to say the kiln makes all the difference but what an adorable way to incorporate everyone and personalize it! Great job!!

.:Anna:. said...

I usually order the teacher a handpainted portrait of the class! I love the detailed ones where the artist uses real diamonds if they're wearing diamond earrings, pearls or whatever as accents! Sometimes I think it's pricey but I really want them to remember the kids! I also usually include a new Gucci purse for her-I'll bet the old one wears out after the last one I got her for Christmas!!! If I have time I throw in her favorite gemstone necklace. This year their teachers like emeralds, diamonds and pearls so I went to Tiffany's and found something they'd like! I am not very creative so I just have to shop!

The Mom said...

Jen ~ I do sell them, www.whatadishceramics.blogspot.com but I don't do many anymore. I got WAY to busy for a while and had to slow down. I do more jewelry right now. I love the family platters though, I think they are cute!

Unless I have an order I do everything when the kids are in bed. I have to keep busy or I would go crazy! Your kids are going to be much closer than mine! You can do it! Keep doing the things that you love, just because you are a Mom to a LOT of little kids doesn't mean that you have to stop being you!
Jen you are awesome! Leave your blog address or email...

akared75 said...

Ok Tiffany, I got your response and I decided to try and do a blog! It looks nothing like yours but we will call it a "work in progress" I got one posting done and one picture up! Hey for the first time, I am pretty impressed with myself! :o) I am not sure what the blog address is... I think it is this though www.iadoremy4plus1more.com blogspot.com

akared75 said...

ok here is it, the correct one, sorry I am sooo new at this!