Ask Paul August 7th...

It's only a secret from you Ben. Tonia had some great coupons and asked me to hold it until your birthday.
Inside the family joke- It is a well known fact that butterscotch has been the fave candy of stars such as Liberachi, Elton John, and Lance Bass, well you get the picture.

What happens when you have borrowed someone's trailor to haul compost from a mushroom farm and the tire blows in Huntsville, TX on a Sunday? WWPD? From Suzanne D.

I cannot bear the pain to relive this. For those of you that need to feel better about your day... click here.

Excellent question, this is where I can really be some help. Once Tiff took these 3 steps everything in our house ran a lot smoother.
1. Lower your expectations. Most men marry above themselves.(and we're the dumb ones)
2. Spend less time on the computer and other frivolous activities.(you probably could have finished whatever you wanted done by the time you are done reading this post)
3.Don't wear yourself out , your man might need you for something later. ;-)

Okay seriously,
Work together on a plan where everyone (including Mom & Dad) in the household is assigned a specific duty and/or area. The key to this is give him the basic idea but let him take charge and assign the duties. Call a family meeting and let him assign the duties to each member.(if it is our plan we are more likely to want to see it work.. MALE EGO!)

According to the Paul, what is the best line from Holy Grail besides, "But I don't want to, Fathah, all I want to do is sing!" From Taylor Clan

I know this is not what people want to hear, but for me the best line is
"The End"
I'm not a huge monty python fan. Sorry!

Do you dog-sit? And can I send YOU to the store with my grocery list and coupons? :) You rock! From Hillori

Sorry Hillori, you will have to find your own village idiot.

So...what are you wearing? From Alissa Warner

All this and a personality.
Tiff is a REALLY lucky girl!

I hope you know what you are talking about. My boyfriend just broke up with me and wouldn't tell me why. I am so heart broken and cry all the time. What do I do? How can I get over him? Why do guys do that? I gave him everything he could possibly want. Why? He won't even talk to me or acknowledge me. Why? What did I do?
Help me understand, Janice

After posting the picture above, Tiffany says I may be available.
I unfortunately have no real idea what I am talking about. Tiff breaks up with me all the time and I cry a lot too. Its good to know I'm not alone, maybe that will help you too.
Seriously, we are all idiots I'm sorry that happened to you. Don't ever give us everything we want, we are too dumb to know you don't have any more to give.

So...who wears the pants in the house??? Do fess up... :) From -Katie Lake Placid, Fl

Obviously not me!



Tonia said...

I have a feeling that like the White House Press Secretary some of these questions are staged! I can not confirm or deny the presence of Butterscotch- although Chuck Norris is a greaaaat bigggg fan!

Terry said...

Hey, someone commandeered my computer! Sorry, Ben, it wasn't me telling on the butterscotch. I'll go talk to dad....

Meagan and John said...

and to think, I have watched "my big fat greek wedding" a billion times and never thought to steal there idea on how to get a man to "figure it out for himself" granted us women are probably just fools for giving men so much credit, not to mention we do tend to marry beneath ourselves, and trust me, if he ain't helping out around the house, he ain't getting anythign later on.

Meagan and John said...

You know I often tell me friends that there the way I motivated my husband was to finally tell him that after I clean the house, do the laundry and the dishes, I don't want to have to do anything else, including him, but I also just realized that creations have been made to help me, the washer and drier has been an amazing creation that helps women do the laundry faster and easier, and a dishwasher obviously helps with the dishes, both these things were probably created or thought up by a man who was tired of being nagged by his wife to help out, I also say both these things because they both have major faults, like how you have to rinse the dishes, and the clothes to get the tough stuff off--a man would make those oversights.

Now, in all fairness other electrics have also been created, I won't name them off because you have to be over 21 (or is it 18) to purchase them, but i will state I am almost certain that a woman created these electronics so that she coudl get rid of the man who thought buying her a washer, drier, and dishwasher was his way of helping her out with these chores. I;m telling you the longer I am married the more I understand lesbians (not that I am one and not that I use this particular type of electronics--I am not and I don't so get that dirty thought out of your mind) just thought I would throw that out there for all ya'll who think women can't live without men, cause trust me, they can and they do every day, we are just fools enough to think you are worth the struggle.