New giveaway! 5 Year Membership to ZooBuh!

This is a very close to my heart giveaway because it involves my children. If you have little kids and are thinking of skipping this giveaway... read on.

We are very protective of our kids. Period. It took almost a year of drama for us to allow them to have an email address. I monitor them, I have parent controls on my computer, I read all their email in and out, etc. In August, one of our kids opened her email to find a message form someone she didn't know, so she did what we had asked her to do and grabbed me. I waved her on and was a little perturbed to be bothered but went over and checked it out. I was shocked to see in her regular inbox a seriously pornographic email message, complete with pictures and all the, well, everything. I can't tell you how glad I am that she did not open it and see that. I thought I was doing everything that I was supposed to. Upon further investigation we found that her email address had been swiped by this place from a kids game site they introduced to them at school.

ZooBuh! is a safe email place for your children. If you think your kids aren't going to have an email address, think again. My 7th grader has to have one for school.

ZooBuh is easy to set up, it offers more and better controls than AOL or Microsoft do, and it requires no extra software.

ZooBuh gives you total control over your children's email universe. By default they can receive mail only from users in the approved-contact list and can send mail only to those same approved users-but you can change either setting as you see fit.

You can have copies of incoming or outgoing messages sent to your email address, remove images or links from your child's received mail, and block some or all attachments. ZooBuh also has a bad-words filter, with a box for adding your own unwanted words.

ZooBuh has very generously offered to giveaway to one reader a


They have also extended to us a special "coupon" price only good through October 31st. Normal price for a year is $29.95. For MyLitter readers it is only $12 if you order thorough the cool little button they made me. I love computer people!

Also, for the first time there are 5 ways to win.

First entry: Leave a Comment, How old were you when you got your first email account?? (I was 24 but never used it until I was 26)

Second entry: Click on the Zoobuh promo link to visit site, click on my litter’s promo sunflower on homepage and sign the guest book or optional signup with promo discount. *signup not required for entry.

Third entry: Fan us on Zoobuh! Facebook page.

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Forth entry: Follow us on Twitter page and tweet about us using 'Zoobuh' in their tweet.

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Fifth entry: Become a friend on Myspace

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My kids will pick a winner next week! No the kids won't be emailing you!

It will be me!



The Prudent Patron said...

I was 24. I can still remember that "You've got mail." Not that it said that often since not that many people had email back then.

Heather said...

I got my first email account at 23. I never really started using it though until I had a playgroup that set up playdates by email only. What a time saver!

A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

This is fantastic! I always worry about what my 14 year old daughter is getting on her email. I haven't gotten one for my other kids but I know it is pending.

I think I was 31 or so.

K said...

I believe I was 19 but it was 1989 and I could only email other college students. It is hard to beleive that it was 20 years ago.

Alan said...

I was still in High School, so 17-18ish.

leleiny said...

I was in my 20's prob...now I have so many I can hardly keep track. All three of my kiddos use Zoobuh and LOVE IT!!!

Tracy said...

I was around 30 years old, but I shared this address with my husband. I just in the last 6 months opened my own email address, at the age of 41.

.:Anna:. said...

You signed me up for a hotmail account when I was ... 13? Maybe 14 because I gave it out to everyone when I went to my first EFY. Beegroovy@hotmail.com Those were the days of dial up...

So if I win I'll give it to TOnia!

Lori said...

I must have been 22 when I got my first email account. Thanks for this giveaway, how cool! My kids would be thrilled!

Lori D

susanmw1 said...

Was my first email account that big of a milestone because I don't have a clue. I do remember my husbands first computer so maybe it was around then in our first house 1993ish! So thant would make me 26ish!

maria_arizola said...

Gosh I was 19! My first office job in 1993.


Kirsty said...

I was 14...back when CompuServe decided what your email address was (a series of numbers), rather than offering you a choice. =)

Diana said...

I was 32 when I got my own...now at 42 I have abut 4 different accounts.