Introduction to Couponing

When I first started cutting coupons as a new Mom 12 years ago, I struggled. I would clip, and cut, and shop and then find myself only saving $7 on a $80 purchase. I decided it wasn't worth my time to save $.35 on a loaf of bread and I quit trying. Fast forward 10 years and I found myself in a situation where I needed to save money. I tried couponing again, but still was struggling. One day a good friend finally showed me the "right" way to coupon. Now I am saving 65% on every trip the store, my food budget has been cut in half and I'm still feeding them healthy foods.

With the economy as hard as it is, and with several friends also wanted to learn how to coupon I started posting everything on my blog to help them out. I also started teaching classes once a month! If you can't make it to the classes, here are some posts you might find helpful to get you started.

(If you would like to see these posts all at once instead of link by link, click HERE.)

  • How I organize my coupon binder (video) *HERE*
  • My coupon binder, it's large and in charge *HERE*
  • How to cut your coupons out (video) *HERE*
  • How to make a CVS transaction (video!) *HERE*
  • Buying fresh vegetables as opposed to frozen *HERE*
  • What are Catalina's??? (video as well) *HERE*
  • I figured out what a Catalina is, but it didn't print! Here's what you do *HERE*

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Stacy said...

I am brand new to couponing and could desperately use your help! I am a little confused on the # of coupons I can use for an item. Say for instance Fantastic is on sale at Kroger 2/$5. And I have coupons for $0.75/1. Am I able to use 2 of those 75 cent coupons since I am technically buying 2 product? This is such a whirlwind to me! I am feeling a bit lost and overwhelmed, but determined and not willing to give up. Any help you can offer me would be REALLY appreciated!