Target Markdowns!

Be on the lookout for clearance items at Target!! I went last night (would have taken pictures but my camera is finally dead) and found a ton of great deals. These are some of the clearance deals we found!

Fruit By the Foot $1.68, used $.40 coupons
Reynolds Wrap, 100% recycled $1.48 used coupons
2 Pack count FiberOne Bars $.67 cents used $.40 cent coupon, made it $.27 cents a box.
Crystal Light travel packs, $.68 used $2/2 coupon!
Mayo for $2.54 used a $.60 cents coupon.

Lots of deals to be found! This is a comment from a reader...

HI Tiffany,
I've been checking your blog since I read about it in (was it Women's Day? I can't remember) and I live in Katy; I've commented a few times.

Just thought I'd let you know of a mark-down I found at Target yesterday. I was armed with my $3/Glade Fragrance Collection IPs and they had marked down almost ALL of the Glade candles. I was torn between the 3-wick candles (normally $9) marked down to $4.29 or the 2oz candles marked down to $2.49 (so I'd get overage). I opted for the larger ones to use as gifts for the kid's teachers - for $1.50, who can argue? I noticed they had different labels than they currently have, so perhaps that's why.

Anyway, thought I'd let you know as I know you frequent Target and if you have any of those big value coupons left, you might get lucky and find some mark downs. Good luck!

Thank you for the comment!


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