Do you Barter??

Do you ever barter? I do all the time with my sisters for babysitting! I have them go "shopping" in the Ivanovsky mini-mart for cleaning supplies, make-up, razors, etc. in exchange for babysitting or giving the kids rides.

I don't really barter with anyone who isn't family but I wouldn't be against it in any way. I have done haircuts in exchange for items before and I have a friend that does embroidery, we trade for my ceramic plates when I need something done or she needs a gift. It works out well for both of us!

Below is a post from Jane, she barters quite a bit and I think it is really interesting.


I recently found a new bartering buddy. My friend introduced me to a lady who has chicken…and eggs! (thanks Veronica…hello Mary Ann)

“Egg Lady” gave me eggs for charcoal, rice and pasta sauce. All things I have an abundance of.

5 dozen cage free eggs (normal cost from her $2 each, normal store cost $3.75 each)

Do you ever barter? Who do you barter with? How does it work?



Audrey said...

I've bartered my sewing skills and photography for vinyl lettering, haircuts, movie tickets, etc. I've loved it every time!!

ohhollyf said...

I babysit once a week to have my hair professionally colored by an expert :)

ohhollyf said...

oh btw I'd luv to see a pic of the "Ivanovsky mini-mart".

The Queen said...

I've bartered my photography for hair, vinyl lettering, facials and piano lessons. I love it.

Anna Marie said...

I used to barter ironing the clothes of my scrapbooking supply consultant...for scrapbooking supplies!

Pam (meanestmother) said...

I bartered piano lessons for our friends children. Their farmers and game me 1/4 of a beef.