Sit and Spin at Target and Walmart

If I end up missing this deal I am going to be so mad. My littlest needs one of these BAD! Well, needs might a little strong, but he sure would be a hoot to watch on it!


The Pie's said...

We already have a sit'n Spin that I have to keep hidden or a certain little girl will follow me around the house with it all day long (she needs assistance). But I think this is such a great deal! I plan to grab one for a sub for santa gift!!

Kristen said...

Do you have Kohls in Texas? I just bought my Sit and Spin at Kohls last night for $1.06 (including tax). It's on sale this week for $20.99 and Kohls sent out $10 coupons for their charge account holders. Combined with the $10 manufacture coupon, it was a deal I couldn't pass up!