Free nursing cover up! Just pay shipping!


This is the greatest deal! Take it from a Mom of 6 kids who has nursed for the past 11 years! Way too much info I know, but I am almost sad I am no longer nursing to take advantage of this deal! Well, O.K. maybe not :)

These nursing covers from Udder Covers are so stylish and cute! Better yet, they are FREE!

Use Code 1FREE at checkout and get a FREE nursing cover! You must pay shipping of $8.99 each. These are priced around $30 so this is a great deal! You can shop Udder Covers online site here.

I have seen these trendy nursing covers before. Friends have had different brands, but these are by far the cutest with the large assortment of fabrics!

Thanks, Pays to be Frugal and Mommy Snacks!



Miranda said...

This is awesome! I ordered one for my SIL. She'll be so excited!

The Mom said...

I ordered one also for a gift, nursed all those kids and never had a nice cover up!

snbjork said...

So excited about this deal! I've been looking for just the right gift for a friend. This is it! I also ordered one for myself for future kids. They are so cute and you can't beat this deal! Thanks for posting it. =)