Tyler Davis exclusive t-shirt TODAY only!

I have introduced my brother Tyler before, he is the artist who does all the illustrations on my site! 
Isn't he amazing?!

TODAY ONLY a site called, riptaparrel, is selling his t-shirt exclusively for $10. They only have 1 shirt a day for only 24 hours.  Plus shipping is really low $2.50. No one has ever sold more than 50 shirts in one day, lets help him beat that title!

The image above is my shirt, but you have already guessed that. I call this shirt "Pocket Protector". A traditional pocket protector only keeps things from hurting a shirt, this one keeps things in the pocket, adds things to the pocket, attacks things, and might live on pocket lint until if is large enough for a cargo pocket. Then it needs to eat more substantial matter, like loose change, small rodents, and that fuzzy Swedish fish that has sat in your hoody pocket since last Halloween.

Now, I have a little goal. To sell over 50 shirts. No one has sold more then 50, with your help, I think this can be reached! So, please, tell your friends, tell your boss, and get one for the kids.

Go HERE to check it out!


1 comment:

Mach Momma said...

My boys are going to love this shirt! I ordered 2.
Have I told you-you are awesome today Tiff? Well you are!