If you are a new reader I would like to introduce myself and my blog.
I have tried "couponing" in the past, I would spend all this time cutting out coupons, taking them to the store, try to shop with them and when it came time to check out I would save maybe $7- $12.
It just wasn't worth it! My time was worth more than the little amount I was saving.
I was lucky enough a few years ago to have a good friend, Susan W., take me by the hand and show me what I was doing"wrong"!
Since then, I have cut our families grocery, toiletry, and "extras" budget from about $1300 a month to under $450.
My blog is dedicated to showing you how to do this also, teaching you where, and how to find all the best deals that I find. Whether you need to cut your grocery bill because of financial reasons or you want to improve your lifestyle this is the place for you!
To find all the current drugstore and grocery deals, click on the store logo's on the right side of this blog, if you are interested in humorous stories about the life of "mylitter" click on our family photo!
My Litter, includes my crazy fun children, ages 12, 9, 7, 6, 3 and 1, my husband Paul and numerous pets!
Join me and "MyLlitter" as we find the best deals, one deal at a time!

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cora said...

I met your sister in the line at Kroger's in CC in The Woodlands and she told me about this site and gave me your card. I love it! Its nice to have my the store in my area matched w/ coupons! I would love to attend one of the classes here in The Woodlands! Thanks for a great site!