5 Swagbucks in 2 minutes!

Swagbucks is celebrating Christmas by giving out a Swagcode worth $1.

To get the code, you need to go to the homepage. There is a photo box in the center of the page. You will see the code on the 1st tab. Enter it in the Enter a Swagcode box beneath the box that displays how many Swagbucks you have and you will get $1 credited to your balance! Thanks C2D!

I just won 5 Swagbucks in the past 2 Minutes! First, I typed in mylitter 6  in the Swagbucks tool bar, just a tip, I always search for my own blog on Swagbucks it almost always gives me a Swagbuck! I didn't get one on the first page so I clicked on page 2 and I got 4 bucks! That is the most I have ever gotten! Then I went to the actual site and got the free $1 from their site today! 



Emily Heizer said...

That is too, too funny, because I just got a buck for typing in your blog too! LOL! I know it's just a coincidence, because they are awarded randomly, but too hilarious.

If you didn't know, Friday's are Mega Swag Buck Days, and you can win up to a 100 bucks! The most I have ever gotten is 4 too! So exciting!

The Mom said...

Thanks Emily, I forget about Friday's I am going to preschedule a post for all Friday's just for me!

The most i have won is 4 also, anyone out there ever won more than 4?