Early Christmas Present!

My oldest daughter is a softball player, she is awesome!
She has been asking for pitching lessons and so I got her a few for Christmas.
But... last week we got an email telling us that Cat Osterman ( see below!) would be visiting our town and giving 1 hour private pitching lessons! So, my daughter got a huge early christmas present! There are so many times where there are experiences that I would rather my children have, than things. This was one of them!

A little bit about Cat Osterman!
2 Olympic games 2004, 2008.
Osterman became the first UT freshman to be named Big 12 Conference Pitcher of the Week
She also threw the first perfect game in UT history
She set new UT single-season records for wins (36), innings pitched (304⅓), games started (40), shutouts (17), appearances (51), and consecutive innings without giving up an earned-run (79⅔ from February 13 to March 13), as well as the UT single-game record for innings-pitched (14) and strikeouts-in-a-game (23)
Cat plays professionally now and coaches college softball.

Needless to say, Cat Osterman is a rock star at our house, so this was really cool for Emma, O.K. for me too!


Anonymous said...

We met Cat at a softball tournament a few years ago.........

My 15 year old daughter used to be a pitcher too.....a darn good one. Then, at 13, she switched to volleyball, which broke our hearts but at least she's doing well there too. I don't miss the freezing/boiling outdoor conditions, however!

Lauren said...

SOOOO COOL!!!!!! My Daughter has played for 10 years and she would die if she got to meet Cat Osterman!! I'm sure you and your Daughter will always remember this day.I hope you took lots of pictures.