Have you ever been married?

Photo by the best Photographer in the world.. Maureen Light!

My sweet little red head just walked up to me and asked, "Have you ever been married?"

"Yes, honey I have!" I laughed.

"Who did you marry?" She asked.

"Your Dad silly!"

"MOM! You can't marry someone in your family!" She yelled at me.

Hmmm, I never thought about it that way... :)


oliv2b said...


Tim, Allyson, Emahry, and Jonathan said...

So cute!!

babyyahyah said...

that is a really pretty pic

Riahli said...

OMGoodness I just laughed so hard I almost cried. That is Awesome, I'm going to have to share this one with some friends, it's just too funny!! :) I just love the silly stuff that little ones come up with.

Coupon Fairies said...

I just told my husband that and we both loved that =] Thanks for the smile

Hillori said...

Ha-ha! That is one to save forever...my daughter shared one two days ago two, but she made me cry in a different way--I just blogged about it.

Suzanne said...

Uhhhh...duhh...didn't you know that!