Free download of $5 dinners!

Erin is a fellow blogger and frugal Mom. Have you ordered your copy of The $5 Dinner Mom Cookbook yet? I just got my copy in the mail this week and was so excited with how it turned out. If you like Erin's blog, you'll love her book!
In this book, Erin skillfully defies the myth that eating on a budget has to mean bland meals with little nutrition. And she doesn't just tell you how to stretch your dollars much farther at the supermarket, she also gives you 200 recipes for dinner that she has made for $5 or less. Seriously, she breaks the price of the ingredients down to show you exactly how she did it--and how you can, too!
The cookbook is very affordable, but I know that some of you might not be able to wing the price if you're on a really tight budget, so Erin generously put together a free ebook with scrumptious (and frugal!) Christmas recipes called The $5 Dinner Mom Does Holiday Dinner. You can download your free copy here. Thanks Money Saving Mom!


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