Free Swagbucks Code today only!

Swag Bucks Free Swag Code
Swag Bucks is offering a FREE Swag Code to everyone today. Just head over to the Swag Bucks site and enter the code they have in the middle of the page in the Swag Code box! ( Thanks Emily!)
New members will need to register first. You’ll get three Swag Bucks for registering, plus an additional Swag Buck with the code above, so you’ll be on your way to earning gift cards and other “swag” by using Swag Bucks as your search engine. Tips from Deal Seeking Mom!
Tips for maximizing your Swag Bucks earnings:
  • Download one of the Swag Bucks browser plugins to earn for the searches you normally do.
  • Follow @SwagBucks on Twitter for updates on new Swag Codes. (enter these in the left-hand column on your Swag Bucks account page)
  • Read the Swag Bucks blog for updates on new features as well as info on Swag Codes.
  • Shop through Swag Bucks to earn SB on purchases.


Emily Heizer said...

Hey! You need to be careful! You're not supposed to share the SwagCodes with anyone, or tell them precisely where to find them- or they will cancel your account! Be very careful about that stuff!!! :/

The Mom said...

Hey thanks Emily! I didn't know that!

Emily Heizer said...

Good! I'm glad uu fixed it! I don't want anyone to get in trouble! :)

It's in the user agreement somewhere... and they talk about it incessantly on the Facebook Fan page because of people getting in trouble.

Glad to help! :)