Breaking Down a Coupon Binder! PLUS A LOADED BINDER GIVEAWAY!

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There are many different ways to store your coupons. For me the easiest

I would only get a binder that has a handle and for me a carrying strap. I have to hang onto too many kids in a parking lot to be carrying this anywhere other than my shoulder. : )

I have tried a few different binders, you will see in the video below that I was using 2 different binders at one time, but for the past 9mo. I have been using one huge binder. I use a Case It brand binder that has 2 rings inside. One is a 2 1/2 inch ring and the other is 1 inch ring.

In Aug. for back to school it is easy to find these binders. Right now it is next to impossible! I can only find them online until next August.

The left section is bigger and holds all my coupons for groceries or things I might find in a grocery store. The right side I use for everything that I buy at CVS or Walgreens. Toiletries and Pharmacy items.

I love this binder because it has so many pockets and zipper bags. I keep store circulars, grocery cards, coupon books and scissors here.

PUT YOUR NAME IN YOUR BINDER! Just incase you loose or forget it in the cart, make sure someone can get it back to you!

I use baseball card holders to store my coupons. I have a few clear CD pages in here but those are just in the back for really big coupons I can't fold. I cut and put all my coupons in at one time. You can watch a VIDEO HERE how I do this. This method is best for me. I love to be able to flip through the pages and see exactly what I have, it also makes pulling out expired's easy. My sections of the binder are labeled like the isles of a grocery store. I sit my binder in the child seat of the cart ( if a kid is there I have to put the binder in the cart) than I as I walk down the isles I just flip to that section of the binder and can easily see what coupons I have.

These are the categories that I have in my binder.

First section:

Second Section:

Places to buy supplies. I would estimate it to cost about $40 to put together a good binder.

AMAZON is the only place right now that I know you can get a CASE IT binder and HERE.
During the back to school sales try Target, Walmart, Walgreens and the Office Supply Stores.

Baseball Card Pages:
I get mine at Walmart, they are about 35 for $5.98. They are located in the front of the store by the baseball and Pokemon cards. Target has a bigger pack for about $15 but they are always sold out. I have heard that people get them at the Dollar Store but I have looked for a year and have never seen them.

Page Dividers:
Again, usually Walmart. Just make sure you don't use the paper pages, they will tear in no time. Get the plastic pages. I used a label maker to label mine.

Now the fun part!!

Do you want to win your very own Coupon Binder?? It is a Blue MEAD brand, cool binder loaded with all the pages and dividers, plus some coupons!

Leave a comment telling us how you make couponing look good at the store and you are entered to win!
For additional entries, blog about, facebook, tweet or follow me!
Make sure to leave contact info of some kind!


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Twiley35 said...

I 4 SURE make shopping sexy lol!
I always look my best. I am friendly and I make a list and check it twice. I have my two helpers ages 11 & 7. I have a store ad and paper clip the enveloped coupons to the ad. If I forget something I have my brainy children to remind me. I am hoping to get a handy binder to complete my organization skills.

Anonymous said...

While I always look presentable while out shopping and I have my adorable 17 month old daughter with me, I am sure I look frazzled by passerbys. My daughter likes to help mommy with the couponing by either hiding the coupon I need on me, dropping it 4 aisle behind us, or passing them out to all the people who stop to chat with her.


Liz R. said...

I don't look good or organized but I have a box and separate envelopes for types of products.

erauls at sbcglobal dot net

N.M. said...

I absolutely love your blog! I've tried couponing before, but never felt so motivated. I try to stay organized by keeping my coupons in a small check file that fits in my purse. That way they're always handy when I run in the store. I love getting a good deal and checking out the clearance shelves. I get so excited when I find an item on sale that I have a coupon for! For example, today at Target I found OUST 2 for $5. I used a buy one, get one coupon, so I got my OUST for $1.25 a can! Then I had a buy one, get one coupon for Bic razors. There happened to be several "bonus" packs on the shelf, so instead of getting two 10 packs for the price of one, I got two 14 packs for the price of one! 28 razors for $2.94 = That's just over 10 cents a razor! I loved watching my husbands face at the checkout today when our total went from $134.33 to $102.83. $31.50 in savings, just by combining my coupons with in-store specials and clearance items. I'm still just an amateur, so thanks for all of your help!

:) duckielakes@yahoo.com

The Whitakers said...

I make shopping with coupons look great because I always save so much with coupons and everyone in line behind me is so amazed!!

The Whitakers said...

I'm a follower.

Anonymous said...

i have a cute wooden box, that is the perfect size for coupons, and made my own dividers. It sits nicely in my buggy!
Julie ...

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and would love to have this huge binder for my coupons!! I'm new to couponing and this would surely get me going full force!

Barrett said...

I make couponing look good by including all five of my kids. My four oldest are experts at searching out the blinkies and peelies! They have fun finding the exact products that match my coupons. And they love that we are able to get so many more "treats" now that Mom is a couponer!

April said...

To make couponing look good, I'm sure to leave my 3 year old at home. Otherwise, I'm dropping coupons throughout the store and too stressed to search for the great deals. I've also been so distracted by him at the checkout that I've left before I realized I never gave the person my coupons! Still working on an organizational system and love the binder!



fiveofakind said...

I'm a Follower!!

April said...

Facebook fan!


Anonymous said...

I try to be as organized as I can be before I even hit the store. I pull out coupons for items I know I will purchase.

Nikki Corbin

April said...

Email Subscriber.



fiveofakind said...

Hi! Matching up the adds with the coupons Before shopping helps and just taking those coupons along with the list of what to buy seems to help with couponing. Even though there are some things things that pop up on sale that you think you have a coupon for so we keep the binder in the van for those times (just hoping that the binder made its way Back into the van!)

Anonymous said...

Cashiers frequently comment on the amount saved after coupons. Money saved makes couponing look good!

I've been wanting to switch to a binder for awhile now. It would be great to win!!!

mlkeysor03 at embarqmail dot com

Tina said...

I Plan! I go through my sale papers and make a list. I then pull the coupons ahead of time and clip to my list. I then buy only what I need ( from my list)and I already have my coupons pulled and ready to hand over.

Anonymous said...

I believe I make couponing look so great thanks to the help of you and a few of my other fav blogs. I always seem to make the customers be hind me say WOW when my total goes from 100.00 down to 10.00 and also my current(smaller) binder is so organized thanks to you and your help.
Thank you as a single mother saving money to do stuff with the kids
Brandy Baker

Jennifer Sakolosky said...

Not sure I make couponing look good, but my 4 year old son has made up a song he sings while we shop. He keeps singing 'I have a coupon, I have a coupon, I have a coupon...' I love your site. It's definitely been a great help to my family. Thanks!

Coupon Monster Girl said...

I make couponing look good by saving so much money. The checkout cashiers and people behind me in line are often amazed!


Robin Culp said...

I make couponing look good by not wearing some of the cloths you know we have all seen in those mass latest emails of Walmart from every different state! Oh yeah, i try to write a list before i go to the store of what coupon i am going to use with what is on sale.

Anonymous said...

Oooh! I have a binder but not a fancy one like this!

I just try to keep my coupons organzied and make sure to throw my expired coupons away because I always seen coupons crumpled up in carts that people have just thrown in there.

Ben and Mel said...

Well... between the 18 month old and the 4 year old... we are always doing something to draw attention to ourselves at the store. I make couponing look good by getting my daughter involved, getting things off the shelf and such. Also, to pass the time since it takes longer to coupon we are usually singing some kind of song to keep the kids occupied... yes... I do get looks, but I save money and I do it the best I can!

kristen vanlue said...

i follow your blog...i check in at least 5 times a day, to see if there are any new "can't miss" deals! i have 2 month old baby girl at home, and am very new to couponing. this binder would make a mighty fine addition to the shopping cart, along with the diaper bag, and of course my little pumpkin. :)


Jennifer G said...

I try to make couponing look good by being organized at the store. I pull my coupons out of my coupon holder as I pick the items up and put them in the front section of the holder. That way when I get to the checkout I have everything ready and don't look all flustered digging through hundreds of coupons in front of the cashier.

Jeanne said...

When I go into a store I put my purse into the play where a child would normally set. I then place my binder on top of my purse and open it to the first department that I plan to visit (usually the health and beauty. Almost every one that walks by me comments on what a great idea and system I have. I always make sure that I comment on how sensible and easy it is to cut coupons. I always make sure that I engage in a friendly conversation with the cashier as I am checking out.I think that this helps put the cashier at ease and make for a great check out. Jeanne

Short On Cents said...

Try to make couponing look good by simply smiling at the cashier and folks behind you in line once you've paid and know it's there turn and they ask for your help : ) Super Cool! lvn777 at charter dot net

Short On Cents said...

Already follow your lovely blog lvn777 at charter dot net

Anonymous said...

My current "look" is a couple of ragged envelopes. A binder would be so much cooler!


Christie said...

I don't have a coupon binder, so I decide before I go what coupons I am going to use and put them in order of the aisles. If I see something I think I have a coupon for at home, I don't buy it. I make a mental note, and as soon as I get home, I find the coupon and make a quick trip to the store the next day. We live less than a minute from our Kroger so it is not a big deal. But, being able to take all of my coupons to the store would be a great time saver.

Anonymous said...

I don't look so hot couponing (this binder would make me look much better) - the coupons are usually stuffed in my hand as I shop at 11:00 pm (I leave my 4 sons and dh at home!) - thank goodness for 24 hour stores :)


tntmich said...

Me! Well I don't make it look cool now, but that binder might help! I'm a little "green" at this...sadly I have them in my checkbook holder :(

laura said...

I am sooooo not organized right now! My purse is a disaster and I hate taking it with me anywhere... which is sad because it is a coach purse! and thats just where i keep my regular coupons... i have a second bag for the rest.. its a mess... i miss a lot of deals...

Thanks for the chance!

Anonymous said...

Prior to going shopping, I peruse my coupon folder to check for any products needed. I keep them at hand when shopping, and frequently look through them to make sure I get everything.

Couponing makes itself look good by showing the money saved on the receipt!

shortypaints (at) hotmail (dot) com

Rachel said...

I wish that I could make couponing look better! I have a horrible system. That said, I know I always have a smile whenever I save... and I usually say something goofy to the checkout person about how excited I am!

Carolyn said...

I try to always have my coupons pulled out of my binder & in an envelope, so that I'm not bumbling down the aisles looking lost & afraid. ;-)

Erin Winters said...

I make couponing look "good" by taking along my two cute kiddos. My almost 2-year-old insists on saying "Hi" to everyone we pass. He's my secret weapon!
Erin W

Trish said...

I always have my coupons ready when I get to the check-out. This helps me look like I know what I'm doing and cuts down on the glares from people behind me.

Anonymous said...

I just always separate which coupons I plan to use so I don't have to be sifting through alllll my coupons at the store.

Running The Race... said...

I look good by loving couponing... people always stop to ask how I make it look so easy!

Sylvia said...

I take my big purse. I stick my organizer inside and move the coupons I use to the front pocket so I'm ready at checkout. This is my attempt to be efficient and discreet and keep my coupons from being stolen.

Man, I could use an attractive and much more functional binder. What I'm doing now is not worth the time I spend on clipping those coupons. I have recently started filing my coupons in plastic sleeves. I should be binder empowered soon (it would just happen so much faster if I won) Come on kids!!! Choose me.

PS Mark told me to say that I wear my stillettos haahaa. I guess he hasn't noticed how I walk {and trip) in high heels!

rzig said...

I have to start by saying that that book is amazing. I have a awesome blue butterfly coupon organizer with a pen and notebook inside. My four year old is even excited about coupons now!


Sarah said...

I file my coupons in 2 "check organizers" - one for groceries and the other for toiletries and everything else. I carry it all in a cute black & white lands end tote bag. Stylish savings gotta love it! sarahntherese@yahoo.com

tink said...

I am new to couponing, but i gotta tell ya I love it so far, It makes ya feel so good when you come out making money, now if I can just keep all the coupons straight.

Colleen said...

I prepare my list and coupons before shopping and stick to it as much as possible. I make couponing look good at the checkout when everyone around me is shocked by the savings.

Amy said...

I do my coupon shopping at night when my little ones are at home with my husband. Then I can take my time and let it be a relaxing, not stressful, evening!

Anonymous said...

I wish I made couponing look sexy!! I use a white paper envelope with the ones I know I will use in the front. I keep the rest in the order of the store. I could REALLY use the binder!! Those envelopes don't last long. LOL!!


Anonymous said...

I follow you


Deal Queen said...

I look cool by sharing my coupons!

Cindy said...

I have been using coupons for years, but just recently have been power couponing. I still haven't worked out a good system. I always have the ones I plan on using ready, but if I run across an unexpected deal then I have to search through my mess.

Heather O'Donnell said...

I don't know if I look good....I usually have a handful of coupons in one hand, my shopping list in the other and a pencil sticking out of my ponytail. But I try! If I'm feeling especially organized, I'll highlight the items on my list that I also have a coupon for. :-)
heatherinaz at gmail dot com

Rachel said...

My coupons are kept in a small accordion file that is meant for receipts. Before I go to the store I pull the coupons out and put them in an envelope marked for it. Then at the store I move the coupons that I am going to use to another envelope so I can easily hand it to the cashier. That is how I try to make couponing look good :)


Amanda T said...

I try to always look my best when going out but I do go grocery shopping with my 16 month old and she makes me look good :) I have a nice black index card box very neatly organized and then I have my papers for price matching it sounds like your system could really help :) I would love to win


terry_m_78218 said...

I love using coupons and saving money but everytime I go to the groceries I seem to forget about my coupons. I love going to my grocery store they have where you buy a certain product on sale and you get several items free with it. I can use the binder to help organize my coupons and I won't forget them at home

ashli said...

I try to make couponing look good by having all my coupons in a neat stack by time I get to the cashier.

Jamie said...

Trying to be organized. And when the guy behind me at Walgreens said, "wow I guess it pays to save your coupons." I knew I'd made couponing look good to him.

Crazy Daisy said...

Honestly, I'm not sure I am the most organized coupon clipper/user out there. However I do try to make it look good by at minimum seeming to be organized when I'm at the store. I use envelopes to sort coupons now. This binder is awesome!

foreverdaisies65 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Susan S said...

I have a weekly file for my inserts and I so want to put together a binder as I have seen many deals that I wish I had my coupons with me but I am such a follower that up to now I just look at the blogs and follow those deals I feel like I miss out on so many but am a bit afraid to cut all the inserts up because then I won't know what week to find the ones you list! I would love to get one to get me on the binder wagon as for right now the best I can do is be a courteous couponer by being polite to cashiers and to others customers by letting them ahead of me in line if I have more than one transaction! I really really wish I had a binder for the Randalls half off sale last week! Oh well hopefully I will win and it will be a great motivator to get myself into the binder mode! Thanks for all you do you have saved me so much $$$$.

Suzy said...

I always make couponing look good by coming into the store organized and ready to shop! I always try to keep my cool if things aren't going my way at checkout and I politely point out why I should be able to use my coupons :)

saksheppard (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

I have been couponing for years and I am just learning about the binder! Sooooo cool! As others have stated I always dress nice and I'm organized - especially when I'm checking out - makes a good impression on those around you. :)

Melissa said...

I love couponing! I usually read a couple blogs that I know have a list for the store that I'm going to and make a list of the free and cheap stuff I want. I also put all the coupons that I know I will be using in the front page of my binder so I am not flipping thru the pages too much. I try to act like I know what I'm doing even if the numbers aren't adding up the way I planned. So I guess you can say I make it look easy. The double ring binder would be great to have so I can put my grocery and CVS coupons together. Have a great day!

Jennifer said...

I make couponing look good with the help of my two toddlers. :) People can't resist stopping and asking what they're doing. I also give out coupons that I have on hand to those who are purchasing an item that I don't need. :)

jenlan.craftymama @ gnail.com

Jennifer said...

I'm following you on Twitter @ craftymomjenlan

jenlan.craftymama @ gnail.com

Jennifer said...

Tweet - http://twitter.com/craftymomjenlan/status/7938423506

jenlan.craftymama @ gnail.com

Anonymous said...

I facebooked your contest too!

Leah Harrell said...

I try so hard to make coupon shopping look good with my envelope system...but I know I would look amazing with the binder!!



Anonymous said...

as right now I don't have organize method so it really doesn't look to good but am trying and am not going to give up I really need a system like your I just don't have organizational skills. Libony149@aol.com

Kristin said...

I try to be prepared with the coupons I'm going to use all collected in one place (along with my shopping list) prior to entering the store.

Rachel Bickford said...

That binder is fabulous! I currently use small envelopes and accordian files, but this would be great to have! I often get people in line behind me that comment on how I can get all that stuff for usually under a dollar. It's fun to surprise people in that way! I am a follower.


Oergel said...

Beautiful binder - great hints!

Anonymous said...

I go shopping when my little one is at school. I use a coupon binder and love it. If I win, I am giving the new binder to my friend who wants to start couponing too. Thanks so much.


Tina said...

I try to have my coupons organized and ready to hand to the cashier....so it isn't a mad scramble and I don't hold up people in line behind me...most of the times I pull it off...but occasionally I still get to the cashier with missing coupons, or I drop them and my folder all over the floor...etc etc....at least I try to be organized!

The Benson Family said...

I dress nice...no more sweats at the grocery store and people are always so impressed to see how much I save! I am always excited to see how much comes off the bill too! I have my little divided coupon box which has been working so far but I need something bigger now. :)

Laura said...

I make couponing look good by shopping with my husband - he makes everything look good!


Hi, I make couponing look good by using a binder ... much smaller than yours though ... And frequently get comments on being so organized ... Apparently not many people use binders in my area.

I follow you on Facebook and receive your newsletter by email.

Katie said...

How I make couponing look good? Organization and friendliness. People are always stopping me to look at my binder. It's fun to tell them how much I save, how I got started, etc. I thank my cashiers, pass coupons to the people behind me if I can, and smile a lot. I am THANKFUL for the gift of coupons, and I think gratitude makes a person winsome.

Thanks for this incredible giveaway! I've been wanting to make a binder for my father-in-law, so this could be an AWESOME way to do it!

Katie said...

I also subscribe! hedgesbills@gmail.com

jenn said...

Wow! This looks alot more organized than my envelope system just shoved in my purse. This could really help!

Anonymous said...

The best thing that helps me is to get my husband or mom to watch my 2 year old. Otherwise, it's like a 3 ring circus when I'm shopping. Especially during the Mega Sales at Kroger!!

J. Lopez said...

I make couponing look awesome using a big blue binder with colorful dividers! I absolutely love it and look forward to each shopping trip. Thanks again for my binder! It makes couponing so much more convenient and Im way more organized than when I was using envelopes. I can find my coupons so much easier so my baby isn't getting impatient with me anymore, therefore I do have less poop stained shirts!

Sandy said...

Wow, I am sad I missed this giveaway! I totally need a coupon binder to organize my life!

barb ob said...

please i sooo need this

Poland said...

I have an accordion-style binder that's small. I have it separated into different compartments (dairy, produce, boxed items, etc). I pull out the coupons I know I am going to use for that shopping trip BEFORE I go to the store and put it in the front pocket of my binder. This works for me, but I'm definitely not a pro at couponing.


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