Swagbucks, new code every day!

If you are using Swagbucks, make sure that you have the toolbar installed!
Each day this week (1/11 to 1/15/10), Swagbucks will be giving out a free Swagcode via the toolbar only!  The toolbar is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari. Thanks Moms Need to Know!
I just got mine, you click on the little red box with the white envelope and open your mail, the code is there! Cool! I am saving up for a scooter for my daughters birthday in April. I cash in my swagbucks when I get to 15 so I can get the Amazon gift cards. 


Robyn said...

for some reason i can't get it to download. i am using firefox and click the download button on the toolbar page and i get a zip file with nothing on it...anyone else having this issue?

Robyn said...

well i finally got it, i had to download the IE and use it on FF...odd...but it worked!

Anna said...

I got it! Now I have 19!

Anonymous said...

It asks for a Swag Code when I sign up??? Can you get a referral off of me? Be glad to do it.
theindy4 at sbcglobal dot net

MyLitter said...

Anon! Thanks for asking, I can if you just click the first Swagbuck in orange, no swag code needed.