Please stop by a Safeway/Randalls this week!

My friend Susan W. the most brilliant coupon woman in the world, called me twice tonight to make sure I was going to Randalls/Safeway this week! 
Susan found some great deals on the Honey Nut Cheerios, and $.99 blueberries! 

If you buy 5 boxes of any of the Fruit Snacks ( ALL off the Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks are participating in this promo including, gushers, fruit snacks, fruit by the foot, fruit roll ups, fruit stickerz) at a time you can get a catalina back for $3.50!

You can print coupons HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and load your card  with e-coupons HERE.
Don't forget to hit your back button to get 2 of each coupon. 

Thanks to Krazy Coupn Lady for this Deal Scenario:
Please, leave a comment and tell me how your trip went!


susanmw1 said...

The deal on the Cheerios was extra great because some boxes have an offer for a free movie ticket when you buy 2 boxes!!!!!!!

J. Lopez said...

My trip went very well this time! They also had the same deal for Aunt Jemima syrup and pancake mix. Plus you can use the coupons from a few weeks ago. That brand of syrup is usually pretty expensive so I was glad to get a lot of it for cheap! I also got a bunch of Dole fruit bowls and for the 30 day challenge and a lot of the packages had 1.00 coupons inside!