Other great deals at Big Lots!

Thanks so much to Shannon at The Short Mom for emailing this great find! She ran into Big Lots to get the add to price match the All detergent and found some great deals!

Photo credit, The Short Mom

I went to Big Lots to get an ad so that I could price match something at Wal-mart and they had an entire section of food marked down to .25 cents for each item.

3 boxes of vegetable thins
1 5lb bag of white cornmeal
1 package mint double stuff oreos
1 box of premium saltine crackers
8 bottles of gatorade g2
6 boxes of ritz crackers ( one sleeve in each box)
1 family size box of special k vanilla almond cereal

I made sure none of it was out of date or close to being out of date

"I know big lots is hit and miss with what you will find but I went in to just get an ad so that I could price match the laundry detergent at walmart this week with the deal you had posted.

When I walked in they had an entire table of products all marked down to 25 cents each!  Look at my post that I made with the pic of the stuff I bought .  I only spent a little more than $5!  I was so excited!"


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