Tutorial for the "Envelope System"

If it is your goal to get organized, specifically your coupons this year, check out this blog! Kelleigh has made the most beautiful envelops for her cash system and coupons. 

There are many different ways to organize your coupons. I personally use the binder method. But, many people use an envelope system. They pull out the coupons they need for a specific sale or store and keep them in an envelope in their car or purse. 

You know what's so cool? Kelleigh isn't selling her envelope system (though I really think she ought to!), instead she generously posted the complete tutorial and template here so you can create your own. (Thanks Money Saving Mom.)

Check back on Monday, I am going to break down my coupon binder for you. Show you what all my tabs are and list all the best, and cheapest places to find all the items you will need to make your own binder! Plus, I will be giving one away...

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