Here are a few ways to get Swagbucks today!
1. There is a code on the Swagbucks Blog  worth 20 Swagbucks.
If you need a hint the drop down menu the Swag guy is talking about is the little arrow next to your total swagbucks number in the top right hand corner of the home page.
They have already released all the letters. I was able to successfully redeem this 30 point code.
2. There is a second Swag Code hunt out. Only this one is going to take a while. For the next 7 hours, Swag Bucks is going to release one letter of the code in random places. At the end of 7 hours (around 10 cst), you will be able to enter the code for 30 Swag Bucks. It will expire at 11 pm cst!
Go here to read more about this hunt and get the first letter. But don’t forget to come back later today when all the letter have been released to get the code!
3. There is a Swag Hunt out! Head over to the blog and read through the post to find out where the code is hidden! It is good until 2 am CST tonight!! Good luck everyone.



Electra said...

Not happy with Swagbucks today! I was very excited when I saw the code for 7 birthday Swagbucks on Facebook today, and then really disappointed when I realized that it was, in fact, worth .7 of a Swagbuck and therefore worth approximately bupkis. I have a feeling we're going to see plenty of "rewards" for less than ten SB in the future, and today is just a way to try and soften the blow. There's no reason to massively inflate the economy in this case if it's not so you can pay people less. I'm about ready to quit them.

MyLitter said...

I posted below that I would be posting the response that I get from them about being unhappy with the new system...
I will let you know asap what their explanation is...