** WOOHOO Just got mine! The CVS at Grogans Mill had a ton on the shelf! When my total is going to be $0.00 I always throw in something else.... other wise it freaks the cashiers out.

If you can get your hands on a Sunday paper today, we have an early edition! There is a coupon in the 2/21 Red Plum for BOGO Purex Laundry Detergent or 3in1 Sheets.  They are currently on sale at CVS buy one get one free.  Use the coupon and they are BOTH FREE!
Buy 6 Botttles @ $6.99/2 (BOGO)
Use (3) BOGO Coupons
Buy something for $5.00 (anything you might need)
Use a $5/20 CVS Coupon (I got one from this last week’s Wed. paper)
Even if you don’t have a $5/$20 coupon and only have 1 paper, you can still get 2 bottles/sheets of Purex free!

** P.S. My friend Susan W. is working on figuring out if it will be a money maker at Kroger this week with the Mega Deal... stay tuned


Jenn said...

WOW! Any tips on how/where to get a paper today?

MyLitter said...

Jenn, try Walmart, grocery stores, CVS and Walgreens. All of mine carry the early edition!

Jenn said...

Oh, ok! Thanks for the quick response! :)

Robyn said...

i'm just getting into the cvs/walgreens game (got the grocery stores down)....my friend told me that at walgreens they will let you do the RR deals for sunday on saturday? do you know anything about that? she said anytime after 6pm? and that you can kill two bird with one stone, using last weeks deals and the coming weeks deals all on one night! does CVS do anything like that? or is this just crazy?

Jenn said...

ok. one more question! Did you get the $5 from your reg. paper last wed? Or a free paper somewhere? I checked our Statesman and it wasn't there.

Sheri said...

I always have a lot of coupons left over that I don't clip. Like, all of the beauty products, meat, cleaning products, and more. If you know anyone in the pearland area or close who would want them, let me know.
I really hate throwing them away!

MyLitter said...

Jenn, The $5 that she used I am sure was a online survey. They usually don't have them in the paper. Or she got it when she scanned her CVS card at the price scanner.

MyLitter said...

Robyn, CVS deals are always that was you can "double dip" on Saturdays.
I ahve never head of a Walgreens doing that. Mine doesnt even switch over until 6am

Sheri said...

Oh, and I always have inserts from at least 2 papers :) So I am REALLY throwing away a bunch!

Mandy said...

Bad news... the Kroger purex deal is dead. The catalinas arent printing out anymore. BUT you should still be able to call the catalina number and they will send you your catalina.

susanmw1 said...

When I went to Kroger the coupon took off $4.12 so I only paid $2.32 for 12 bottles after using six coupons!!!!!!! But you were right no $5 catalinas printed.