My new phone... A Palm Pre Plus

As a blogger you get tons of requests to review products. I turn down about 95% of them. First, I don't have time and second, I really don't have the time! 
But when Verizon asked if I would be interested in reviewing the new Palm Pre Plus I jumped and said "YES!"
For the past month I have been working on developing an application for iphone and blackberry, to use while grocery shopping. Basically how to know if you are getting a good deal and where the best deals are this week at which stores. I had been inside my Verizon store at least 10 times in the past month looking at phones and trying to decide which one would work for me best. I love my current phone the ENVY, although I don't use the data package. 
 I was really pleased to have the chance to try this phone and see if it was for me. Verizon, sent me one for free to try along with a month of the data package. How do you pass that up?!
I just got it yesterday, and so far I like it. It is small and sleek, it fits really nicely in my hand. The coolest feature is that you can have many applications open at once, your mail, internet, phone book etc. I LOVE that feature because I am accustomed to looking at many pages at once due to my Mac. 
The only drawback for me so far is actually a physical one, I don't like how the slide feels when you open the phone to use the keyboard. 
My husband and kids are all over my new phone, you can download about 100 games for free and I think they have tried about 99 of them! I immediately stuck a case on it as I am notorious for dropping phones, I like how this phone doesn't loose its shape and slickness when a case is on it. I also really liked the way my emails came across the bottom, sitting in car line getting the kids is going to be much more interesting from now on!

The fine print: Any statements I make about this phone provided to me by Verizon are my own opinion, in compliances with the FTC. I'll give it to you straight!

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