Menu Plan Monday

This time of year has snuck up on me once again! I know for all you further north and those under 2 feet of snow don't start your spring sports for a few more months. Here in the "south" we have already had our drafts and start baseball/softball practices this week. This means for me, my life changes for the next 4 1/2 months. With 3 kids playing baseball/softball, one in soccer and another in ballet, I have no life
Dinner really suffers! I have to be realistic! Many meals are "lunches" that I pack and we eat at whatever park for practice we happen to be at. I try my hardest to avoid fast food for the price and just how unhealthy it is.
But, to be honest I love this time of year. I love being outside every night and coming home wore out from the fresh air, I love my kids getting filthy dirty in the sand and clay of the fields, and I love the "lighter" dinners that we eat.

Dinner ~ Leftovers from the superbowl! We have sandwiches, guacamole, crackers and cheese, etc.

Dinner ~ Grilled Chicken with Salad, no recipe, just as easy as it sounds.

Dinner ~ I can't believe I am going to admit this! Hamburger Helper... does anyone else's kids LOVE this as much as mine??

Dinner ~ Harvest Soup. My grandma's recipe. I will post it on Wednesday.

Dinner ~ Pizza. 

What are you having??


.:Anna:. said...

Looks like we're going to eat whatever I got from Kroger...

Guess what-they have my binder. You know Tracy? I think she's the blonde one that is always so sweet. I finally called last night to see if they had it. "Do y'all happen to have a big blue binder in your lost and found?" She answered, "With all your coupons in it!?" And I said, "OMG YES! I have been worried sick!" She said they had to and they were all freaking for me.

oliv2b said...

Oh my gosh Anna! I have nightmares about losing my binder. I'm glad you found it!

A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

Tiffany - You forgot to mention that those little stuffed mushrooms cause gas. Not a good night at the Taylor home.

Hamburger helper has not made it into my pantry since 1994. Pregnant with my oldest and threw it up. Some things just can not be forgiven.

Stuffed mushrooms is not in that category.

Mandy said...

I... LOVE... Hamburger Helper... haha. I'm a big kid though :) And extremely PICKY eater!!!

Tyler's Mommy - MK said...

My kids clean their plates when we have hamburger helper.... I usually replace some of the milk with half and half though to make it creamier. I'm trying a new way of doing menus where I let the kids each pick out one meal of the week. This week we are having meat loaf, pigs in a blanket, chili potato burritos, and cheeseburgers.

~Mo~ said...

Wow, Tiffany, you amaze me every week with your menu. It's so difficult for me to make a menu.

MyLitter said...

Mo- I have been experimenting with the idea and it really actually is a huge help! I love to cook and am frustrated that I dont have all day to do it. I have to make it super simple or i wont follow through and we will eat out :)

susanmw1 said...

Tyler's Mommy -
I use all that free canned milk to thicken and cream things up! I use it to make cream soups fabulous! My mom used it in her coffee and it was less fattening than coffee creamer and let's not forget... oh yeah IT WAS FREE!!!!