Put you name on your binder!

Warning: Picture has nothing to do with post, just a shameless Mother posting pictures of her kids and dreadlocked dog.

The temporarily loss of my sister coupon binder has brought me to this point. 
If you have a coupon binder, folder system, accordion style system or any other coupon system that you bring to the store, take a moment RIGHT NOW and...

Anna and I went shopping to Kroger on Thursday night. I left before she did, after making fun of her parking job, ( see photo below!) and went home. Anna said she was missing her binder on Saturday but I figured she would find it. Sunday, it was NOWHERE to be found. She was searching everywhere as she clearly remembered putting it in the car on Thursday night. Jeff, Anna's husband was sure that Kroger had a phone number (sarcasm) and made her call. 
It was there! Someone had turned it in!
She got lucky, it was packed full of coupons. 

This was from my camera phone because it made me laugh. When I got out to the parking lot ( in the pouring rain) to put my groceries in the car, my husband and I got a good laugh at my sisters parking job. In fact I even called her in the store to comment on it. 
Me: "Nice parking job."
Anna: "Whats wrong with it?"
Me: "Really?"
Anna: "Your just jealous because my spot was better than yours!"
Me: "Um, yea...."

She had no idea that she parked illegally. I will give her a break, she is blond and has really bad highlights at that! 


Becky said...

Your dreadlocked labradoodle looks just like our dreadlocked labradoodle named Whitney!

MyLitter said...

Becky, aren't they just the best!

LB @Wait, She Said What? said...

I just ordered my first coupon organizer as my current system of a paperclip holding a stack just isn't cutting it. Lol. I would have never thought to put my name in it at all. It seems so obvious yet it would have never crossed my mind!

So, a big thanks for posting this!

kris said...

Been there, done that! We were at Kroger too....I loaded the kiddo into the car, and the husband loaded the groceries...and left my coupon binder in the child seat part and returned the cart! Kroger called ME to ask if I had left a book in their cart....YES! THANK YOU! I felt like I'd left my child behind.......lol! They got my # off of my Kroger card info is the only thing I can think of (from the transaction as there was NOTHING of mine in the binder besides coupons). Regardless, I was SO glad they called and I got it back :) :)

Joy said...

Good advice. I can't tell you how many times I have left my coupon container at Kroger when I used a container. It spent more time there under the counter somewhere than at my house. I could always go back and find it though.
I even had my name and number on the inside, but a lot times they would not open it.
So put you name and number on the outside.

M and W said...

Lol, I love the pictures Tiffany! What a great parking job!