My Discount Dog.

This is my dog, my discount dog.

Growing up we never had any "real" pets. Ours were always reptiles, rabbits ( my Dad called them food storage) and small rodents that we smuggled into the house. My parents didn't want the expense and were allergic, so as kids we had to get creative. We did once have a cat that adopted us, but never a dog.

So naturally, us kids all have grown up to want a dog.

Rewind back to the last hurricane that we had. My husband had to leave town for work shortly after the hurricane hit. I was left with 6 kids and no power for over a week (we were without power for a total of 20 days). Normally, this would have not been a huge ordeal but the news had us freaked out about looting that was going on everywhere. It was still very hot and humid outside and the power cords running to the generator made it so that the windows had to be unlocked. I layed awake all night worried about every sound I heard! I am telling you when the power is off all over town it is very quiet at night! I planned in my head how I would "resuce" all 6 kids if someone came inside the house! I slept with the shotgun by my bed, no joke, I was freaked out!!

I wished I had a dog so badly, atleast I figured he would bark if someone tried to come in. As soon as we had power I searched all day for a dog. Our kids have asthma and allergies so there were only a few breeds that were "hypo-allergenic" and I was really wanting a labradoodle. I quickly found out that they are very expensive. After a few months of searching I found a breader that gives away one dog from all their litters a year, to be considered you had to write an essay about why you wanted a dog and what a dog would mean to your family. I was on a mission! I spent 2 weeks writing and rewriting my essay. I am thrilled to say, mine was chosen and that is how I got my dog!

The kids and I were sooooo excited! My husband, less than thrilled.

When the breader had decided on the right dog for us, the kids and I drove 5 hours one way to pick him up. I did have to pay the $350 for all his shots etc. But, it was much better than the $2500 that the others in his litter sold for!!

So that is why my family teases me that I have a "discount dog".

P.S. I am saving the post on why my husband hates my dog so much for another day!


~Mo~ said...

wow, that is a discount dog!! He is so cute!!

Tracy said...

wonderful story

A Musing Mom (Taylorclan6) said...

Sunday wants to come and live with Miller. She just told me so. She's FREE!

Not really. I can't devastate my husband like that. Let's put it this way - burning house and the choice is between Sunday and me.

Sunday lives.

andrea said...

I'm not really a dog person (grew up with cats) but if I'd gone through what you did I think I'd have a dog too!!!! I loved your comment about the rabbits being food storage---we have a pet rabbit and she eats way more than both my cats combined!!!!

snbjork said...

I'm impressed that you even found your dog at a discount! =)

Maureen Light Photography said...

I want to read the letter you wrote to the breeder!!