Houston Chronicle $1 a Sunday Paper!

Houston Readers!

Last week my friends Susan and Tamra were able to get a deal on the Houston Chronicle, $1 for the delivery of 6 papers! They also reassured me there was no Thursday-Sunday contract!

Well today a reader Jill emailed to give us a number and person to call to order!! Yea Jill!!
On multiple papers they are running a deal right now for $1 for each paper. There is a 20 week minimum. You have to call customer service to get multiple papers. 713-220-7211 I talked to Nick.

I would call quick! All my phone calls, scheduled meetings and emails have gone unanswered from them for a few months now, I have heard a rumor that this deal is in response to decreased sales due to the Dollar Store not carrying the Sunday paper anymore.

So order quick! This is a graet deal! Thanks Jill!


D said...

The March Special is the Sunday paper (or Thurs. + Fri. + Sun) for $1. I agree that to get multiple subscriptions you'll want to call, but to just get one you should be able to sign up online. Since I wanted to pay with a check, I called, and I also spoke with Nick. Nice guy.:)

I was also told a few times that when I renew my subscription, I will only be able to renew at whatever their best price is at that time. (I spoke with a few people before this awesome deal came out.) Nick confirmed that. So if you can afford a whole year at once, that might be better than just getting a few weeks at a time. (If the price ever drops below the rate at which you signed up, you can usually call and have them update your subscription at the new price.)


MyLitter said...

You will have to pay upfront for it also. I chose 6 papers a week for 20 weeks so my total was $120 half as much as I would have paid.

Anonymous said...

I called this afternoon, but the system was down. Here's what i found out: according to Nick this deal will still be good on Monday. There is no limit to the number of papers you can subscribe to. It is for all your subscriptions, including your first subscription (so if you already have 1 call and renegotiate for the better rate.)

Sheri said...

Thanks, they are still down as of saturday so I am calling monday to see if they will renew at this price

Sheri said...

I just called and was told that I could not get this rate. It had to be an advertisement for them to honor it. But then I said my friend just called and got it.(he he) She said she would have to ask a manager. Then they gave it to me. I paid up for a year. Thanks so much!!!