My Target Trip!

I did alright...
Spent $23.32 + got back a $5 gift card for the SoBe drinks.
I saved $39.75!

I would have done the SoBe drinks first then taken the gift card and used it on the rest of my purchases breaking it up into 2 transactions, but there were a lot of people in line and I didn't want to pi** everyone off!

Here are the deals that I did:
Diapers HERE
Beach Towel HERE
Crest and Band Aids HERE (scroll down to ongoing deals)



Emily Heizer Photography said...

I did a really, really good Safeway transaction last week! :) My total was $105.00 before coupons and $22.00 after!! Squee!! I was very proud!

Here's the link with pictures:


I got just under 40 items for all that. This is my person blog if anyone's wondering why there aren't any wedding pictures to look at. lol

Emily Heizer Photography said...

Looks like you'll need to copy and paste that into your browser. I'm on FF and it never does the links right!

Electra said...

I went to Target today and got an awesome bargain! They have Toy Story 1 and 2 at 22 each, but if you buy both, you get 10 off the total. I did that, and used the two 10 dollars off coupons from Disney Movie Rewards as well. I bought ten Lifewaters, a Vitaminwater I just got a "try one free" coupon for in the mail, two packs of Huggies with the stacked coupons, and the last beach towel from the dollar spot. I used the two $5 gift cards I got last week, and wound up getting 101 dollars worth of stuff for 22.87. I'm so pleased, and I can't wait for my baby to be old enough to enjoy Toy Story. =)