"I don't know officer, how fast was I going?"

You might remember a certain post HERE where I complain, I mean tell you about our amazing trip to look for diamonds last year. Also in that post I tell you a story about how 2 hours into our trip our speedometer stopped working. So we guessed how fast we were going the entire time! 

Fast forward a year later, ummmm, my speedometer still is not working. 
I am just lazy and frugal and can't bring myself to spend the $700 to get it fixed! In the city no big deal, but on the highway it is a guessing game! We have gotten really good at timing ourselves between the mile markers and doing the math on cruise control to figure out the speed! I have also had the truck inspected 2 times since then and they have not said anything! 

Know what the coolest little invention is? 
Apps. Yep, free apps for your phone!
So my new little do it all Palm Pre became my speedometer on this trip!
Who knew?

Like I mentioned in my post below, my husband and I had 30 hours to goof around in the car and we spent most of it searching for fun apps. He found this one, we hooked up the phone to the rear view mirror and as you can we were cruising at 70 down the highway! 

Now, if I just can get the "Chippendales dancer of the day" app off my phone that my husband thought would be hilarious to download, all would be good!

Fine Print: Verizon provided me with my awesome Palm Pre and one  month of service so that I might provide a review. 



Hillori said...

HA_HA!!! Chippendales dancer?! Now THAT would make for some pretty awesome video for your kids to come across. Especially in the middle of church or something, while playing with your phone...never a dull moment at your house!

Is there an app that does laundry? I want it...

Katie said...

PS,...most GPS's have a speedometer too...and you can probably find a good cheap one on Ebay for around $50. I actually just sold a TomTom that I was no longer using (upgraded to a Garmon). Nothing was wrong with it and it resold for $50 on Ebay. That would be a permanent fixture in your car! :)

Jennifer said...

The speedometer in our Suburban ('05) went out too and we were told that it was recalled (could this be true for you too??)....so when we get back tot he states we can get it fixed for free. Ours works off and on so we use our GPS when needed:)

Mandi @ Organizing Your Way said...

No way! Our speedometer's broken, but I have a Palm Pre Plus too, and my husband is going to be so happy that he won't have to do math while he drives anymore (since our speedometer is actually stuck 35 MPH above what it should be)!