Recipe: Muffuletta Sandwiches!

A few years ago when my brother was getting married and I was the caterer...
I was addicted to Food Network trying to find recipes. One day I saw this one and we have been making it ever since! BTW, I made 23 of these for my brothers wedding (as part of a HUGE menu) and they were a  HUGE hit!

My husband made these the other day, we always make extra and wrap them tightly in saran wrap to keep in the fridge for a day or so. We take them to the ball park for dinner and cut off slices for everyone!

When I went back to find the original recipe from Giada this is the recipe that they had. It is NOT the one I saw her make a few years ago, so I will try and tell you how to do it!

I buy the italian Muffuletta bread, it is usually round. My husband grabbed a loaf style for this one. Slice it in half and toast both sides. Set aside.

Make 2 egg crepes to fit the halves or 4 to fit a loaf.

To make the crepe, beat an egg well add a little milk. Get your pan hot and add butter, pour the egg mixture in and swirl around so it is thin. Cook on one side for about 2 min, sometimes you have to flip over sometimes it is already cook. Place on plate to cool.

Next, spread pesto ( I buy bertolli's pre-made, it is my favorite kind!) don't skip this part! It makes the sandwich, my little kids even love it!

Then layer with an egg crepe.

Next add cheese, we use provolone and swiss. 

Layer on Turkey 

Add some nice ham.

Finally, don't forget bacon!

Top with more cheese and another layer of egg crepe. 

There it is! One of the best sandwiches you will ever make!

Like I said, we make a few and wrap them tightly to eat for a few days!


M said...

Um, I grew up outside of New Orleans where the sandwich was originated and made famous. And I've never seen a muffuletta made that way. Hee hee. Looks yummy, though. :)

P.S. I love your blog!

MyLitter said...

Cathy, The topping was on the bread when he bought it. One was an italian and the other a cheese. They make many different kinds!

andrea said...

Oh, this looks too good!