Skiers hike 26 miles in the wrong direction, I thought I had a bad day!

Well, I was sitting here feeling exhausted and tired from my "busy" day, when I saw this headline and thought I had better read the story!

"Washington Skiers Hike 26 Miles in the Wrong Way All Night"

O.K. so I am a little bit of a baby. Wow, after reading the article, my day could have been much worse, we even had beautiful weather, those guys were walking all night in the snow! Thank goodness the story turned out happy though, even with a few blisters! Kinda like life isn't it?

Typical Staurday:

~ Up at 7am
~ Out the door by 8:00am for Opening day at the kids ballparks.
~ 8:30 Parade, kids are required to be in... ( the girls on the softabll field, son and husband on the baseball fields, thank goodness they are actually within walking distance of each other.)
~ I am minus 2 kids, they stayed at the Grandparents with visiting cousins, I had an extra niece with me.
~ 9:30am Son has team pictures.
~ 10:30am Son has to be at warm up field to start warming up for game.
~ 10:30am one Daughter has team pictures.
~ 10:40am other Daughter has team pictures.
~ Little son falls and busts open his nose, I have to find ice and gauze.
~ 11:00am Daughter has to be at practice.
~ 11:00am other Daughter has to be at her warm up practice.
~ 11:00am Son starts his game.
~ Niece has to pee and thinks I am starving her to death....
~ 11:15am I meet my Dad who is staying with my daughters while I take my Son to Solo and Ensamble at the local high school.
~ 11:20 My little son and I hike back to my truck.
~ 11:30am my husband sends my Son out to the parking lot so I can pick him up in his baseball uniform, he changes in the car to a suit on the way to the highschool.
** This is where my new phone ( the Palm Pre) saves my butt! I have no idea where the high school is... I hand the phone to my son who between changing his clothes in the back seat, uses the internet on my phone and google maps and finds the school. Disaster averted!
~ 12:00 Drop Son off for Solo and Ensamble tryout, he forgot to grab the cash from his Dad to pay for the accompaniment, so I had to go find a ATM.
~ 12:00pm  Daughter has a game.
~ 12:00pm other Daughter has a game, they are playing on field across from each other.
~ 12:20pm pick up Son from local high school, piano player was an hour late so he tried out with accompaniment, so much for finding the ATM.
~12:30pm get Son back to baseball fields to warm up for next game.
~ 1:00pm Son has game.
~ 2:00pm Wander around parking lot for 20 min trying to meet up with my Dad to get Daughters back!
~ 3:00pm Walk in the door at home.

Seriously why do we do this to ourselves?

Fine Print: I was given the Palm Pre by Verizon to try out, opinions are all mine.


Mandy said...

OMG... i'm sorry!!! Thank goodness my little one is only 19months!! You are totally a super mom!!! What time did you go to bed that night?? lol

Pam (meanestmother) said...

I've had exactly these days. These are busy times, but enjoy them. My youngest of 6 is 10 years old and your story/schedule brings back days of exhausting, wonderful memories! Ours aren't over yet, but they are changing as the kids get older.