Toys R Us FREE My Little Ponies!!

Can it really be true?? More awesome deals at Toys R Us? What are they trying to do to me? I have been in a Toys R us more in the past week than I have every Christmas season combined....

I got an email from Toys R Us advertising My Little Pony Buy 1 Get 1 FREE tomorrow, Wednesday March 31st. Combine that with the B1G1 Printable Coupon from Hasbro and you get 2 FREE Ponies -- just pay tax! Thanks Courtney!

Here are a couple deal scenarios:

Scenario #1:
Buy 2 My Little Pony and Friends Single Assortments $5.99 each
Total = $11.98
Minus bogo sale (will deduct $5.99)
Plus, use the buy one get one FREE coupon from here or from the 3/21 SS (will deduct another $5.99)
Final cost both toys FREE!

**If you have any issues, explain to the cashier that you are getting one item free from the stores sale and one item free from the manufacturer! The store is NOT losing out because a coupon should be treated the same way as cash!

Scenario #2:
Buy My Little Pony Ponyville Ferris Wheel Playset Assortment priced around $19.99
Buy My Little Pony Newborn Cuties Family Convertible $19.99
Total = $39.98
Minus bogo sale = $19.99
Use 2 $5/1 coupons from here or from the 3/21SS
Final cost ONLY $9.99 for both– just $5 per toy!!



Michele said...

Do you know if there is a limit? I think have 3 of those BOGO coupons...which would mean 6 free...lots of little 4 year old girl birthdays coming up.

Thanks for the heads up!

Tiffany said...

I am not sure I have 2 coupons and am going this morning so i will let you know....

PLEASE do not JUST buy the little ponies, throw something else in with it! Most cashiers will freak if your total is $0.00 and tell you they can't do it when they would have if your total had not been $0.

I think I am going to get 6 and use 2 coupons, that way my total will be about $6.

Jenan said...

I went to Toys R Us in the woodlands this morning. I had a couple of coupons for My Little Pony and some coupons for games that would have been free in the end. Got to Check out and the guy said I could not use them since they were not a T.R.U. coupon. So I let the buggy for them.

Has anyone else had this probelm?

Anonymous said...

Could we do the bigger ponies? Like not just the smaller ones? Would that work out Tiffany?

Shannon said...

I dont believe you can use 2 $5 off coupons for the convertible. One your paying for the other is free.

I just went, had 2 coupons for the b1g1, and got 2 family convertibles using 1 $5.00 off coupon. My total oop was $16.54 for 2 My little pony convertible cars, and 4 My little ponies.

Tiffany said...

O.K. I also just got back from the woodlansd TRU and I couldn't use mine either.... problem is they gave me this long explanation about what coupons they take, which was B.S. because they took all of my Strawberry Shortcake coupons last week.

You can use the coupons on anything under $6.99 I think the coupons says. But the sale is for ALL pony items, even the big ones.

Life with the Crowls said...

HI i have a ? about the gift card with the games deal at TRU. My SIL just got back from there and was told that the gift card is only good on more games is this true or can it be used on anything in the store thanks so much

Michele said...

I went today and got 6 ponies for free...I had no problem at all with the cashier. She was even talking to me about what a great deal it was. I also bought a sippy cup with my son's name on it, so that was my "paid for" item.

This was a perfect deal for us. I have 3 birthday parties in the next 2 months for little girls. Thanks for the heads up (sorry it didn't work for you all)

Tiffany said...

YOu know I have never done a gift card deal at TRU so I am not sure... I would think they should be good for anything in the store, but obviously I could be wrong

Michele, I am so glad it worked for you!!

Skye said...

Im on my way now. I have LOTS of coupons, so hopefully we get a good cashier!!

Jill said...

I couldn't use mine either. I even called t.r.u. they said it is because they can be altered. But teh ones off their site can't????? There were several people there at the same time as me that left pretty upset. I won't go back and I am sure there are others too. How can you accept some but not others, off the same website.

Tanya said...

I went today and my TRU in San Antonio wouldn't accept the BOGO, the manager said that it cannot combine 2 offers :( I hate it when they do that !! I told him he was wrong and he didn't like that at all.

Susan said...

Our store in Idaho Falls had signs that they would not accept coupons with offer. When I asked they said they would only accept one per person. They had some reason for not accepting the coupopns at first and then they were able to... I wasn't quite sure... it came from the head quarters, I think she said. People had been so mad and calling them bad names. They had a huge line first thing in the morning. I left happy though. I didn't get to get a huge amount of stuff, but I was able to get two ponies free and two play sets for 15.00

MommaMichelle said...

The employee called the manager over and said they could not be combined. I asked for proof in print. Of course they could not provide it and they gave me the money off but said it would not happen in the future. Do you have a copy of their coupon rules.

FYI: Please do not use the Toyrus on 1960 at Cutten. They are ill stocked and in general morons! I went in monday for a great deal. Nintendo DS lite, Mario T-shirt, and Super Mario Brothers for DS for $25 off (total of 151) Not only ddi they not have the stuff in stock, when I was in there yestreday for the ponies they still did not have the stuff. I have filed a complaint but that Toysrus just does not care!