Randalls and HEB deals week of April 13th

A few good meal deals, and free when you buy items so go HERE to check them out!


Sarah said...

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Jenan said...

ok Have a randalls question. Went today and did 2 transactions. !st one I bought 5 cerals got a coupon back from register. 2nd transaction bought 5 more and tryed to use it with the coupons I already had. Was told I could not use it since I already had coupons. I was not on my toes and he was rushing me which I was already in a hurry so I forgot 5 of my coupons for my 1st transaction. Am I correct in thinking I can mix their coupon with the ones I printed off at hm or am I crazy? total spent 1st = $13.00 saved$41.45. 2nd= $12.00 saved $40.35