Walmart: Jessica's Trip!

Many of you asked for the deals that Jessica did on her trip to Walmart. She was nice enough to send me the coupons she used, but the above picture is her second trip, she even did better this time! $1.01 for all 14 items!

Johnson’s Buddies — 97c

I didn’t use this coupon I had a coupon to get this free, up to $1.39 off but I think she keyed it in as $2.14!!! I didn’t realize it till now! WOW

I got 2 toothbrushes because I had a coupon for BOGO and I used 1 $2/1 instead of using 2 $2/1. So I could have gotten more stuff for free but I was in a hurry!

The Ziploc bags I threw in for a “Filler” I had a coupon for it I just didn’t want to freak out my cashier too much! She was already giving me a funny face when she read my total!! LOL I LOVE IT!!!!! J



.:Anna:. said...

jessica! That's fabulous!

Faith said...

That's great! Seriously, my Walmart wouldn't let me do the sponges. I read somewhere in the comments of another blog that Walgreens would have them bogo next week... so maybe I'll hit a deal then...

Jill said...

I tried to do the toothbrushes and the ziploc bags, both with bogo and another coupon and they told me I could only use one or the other. The two walmarts in my area are really not good for couponing. :(

Jessipie12 said...

One of the many things that Tiff has tought me is when you are checking out NEVER EVER go to a middle aged White woman!!!! Always go for a young man or woman or an older gentleman!! I always look for a young man then a young woman. That has always worked for me, and try to hold a conversation with them while they are doing your coupons to make things move faster. Try that and see how your next savings trip to wal-mart goes!!! I also separate my BOGO and the other coupon so they don't get confused. Please post something and let me know if it works for you!