Staples: Killer paper deal again!

Lori, a reader sent me this email today!
I did the paper deal you posted and wanted to tell you I did not have to add a filler item. My total was $49.98 before discounts and the delivery guy brought the 2 cases of paper and set them inside the door today for free delivery.
Also you might want to mention tht staples rewards customers also get back 10 percent, enroll here...https://www.staplesrewardscenter.com/SORC/UserManagement/Login/Login.aspx?&cm_mmc=online_google-_-adwords-_-staples_corporate-_-staples%20rewards
before you buy and put your rewards number in when you checkout. So even without using the shop at home deal thiese 2 reams of paper only cost me about $2.50 each
This is such a great deal, I think you should post it again in case someone missed it!

My friend Terese and I did this deal and we both got our paper delivered the NEXT day!! Considering you get about 20 reams of paper for only $10 maybe, and they are $2.98 at Wal-Mart each, you are saving about $40 at least on paper!

Go HERE to see the original deal!


Sara said...

How do you know about the rebate? I didn't see any reference to it in the paper item description. Just want to make sure I'd get it.

Cindy said...

This code will take off $5 for each case 47617

Tiffany said...

It seems like when I added them to my cart it said there was a rebate available.
I know for sure on my receipt it gave me the numbers for the rebate to put in online.