Trouble with blogger and links!

The frustration is growing every day with blogger!

They are limiting the mount of links you can put in a post and how many you can have on a page at a time. So my Kroger and Randalls match-ups, having many links to coupons, makes all my other posts go to the second page, which many of you never see!

Sooooo, when you get to the bottom of the page and it says "Older Posts" click on that and it will take you to posts that I have actually just posted today!!

Grrrr, thats what you get for using a "free" site like blogger. When the school year winds down and right before I have this baby I plan on switching to a better hosting site. So I can avoid silly things like this!


Emily Heizer Photography said...

Are you totally sure that's what it is?? Are you sure it's not just you are posting more posts in a day than you have set up to be on a page? There is a setting in blogger where you can say how many posts you want on a page. So if that's set to 3 posts per page and you post 5, then your other posts would end up on page 2. You can change that number so more posts fit on a page. I don't see why they would limit the number of links, or how they would do that... Totally sure that's it? Just checking!

I know that *I* get all of your posts- I am a "follower" so all of your posts show up in my blogger account and I click on the ones I want to read in new tabs, so I always see everything. :)

Tiffany said...


Thanks! I have had it set on 18 for a year now and just recently they have switched how they are letting post links so if I post 18 posts with no links they will all show up. But if start posting links they cut down the number I can post!