Couponing to Community Winners!

I hope everyone left bags out of food on Saturday for Stamp out Hunger!

I left a few and it looked like I was the only one in the area... I hope they got a lot of items elsewhere!

These are the only 2 emails I got for the Couponing for the Community contest! I should have promoted it better but that week was crazy with giveaways!

These Ladies both worked really hard, and did a really good job seeing what they could do with $5!

I think they both deserve a Coupon Binder, don't you think?! Great job Ladies! Email me your address and I will get one in the mail to you!

Lori D.
OK here's the deal, I forgot to ring them up seperately from my other purchases. Here is what I got, 4 boxes of Suddenly Salad Pasta salad they were BOGO and then I used the 40 cents of printable coupon for each box so, I paid 89 cents each box (with tax). Then the store had Kraft BBQ sauce on sale for 99 cents a bottle and a coupon in their flyer for $1.00 off 2 bottles and while I was getting them off the shelf I saw that they had peelies on the bottles for 35 cents off 1 bottle. So I got them for 15 cents a bottle, plus tax. So, I bought everything in the photo for less than $5.00!

Jill C.
Here is what I got for $5. The pic of the receipts didn't come out very good. I spent $3.52 on the first one, and decided to see what I could get for the rest, So I went back and spent $1.44, for a total of $4.96.



Tracy said...

I think that they both deserve to win as well. They did a great job!

Julia said...

They did a great job! I put my bag out but mine was the only one. Hopefully like you said they got more food elsewhere.

Electra said...

Congrats to the winners! I was working all day Saturday and totally forgot to put out my bag, so on Sunday I took it to church for the food pantry. It all goes to a good cause!

Jill said...

I put mine out and the mail man didn't take it.