Jose Ceurvo: Free Items!

I don't drink, but hey, I can use a few glasses or a pitcher!

**Pease note: Texas and Tennessee residents are not allowed to participate. Bummer!

Jose Cuervo is offering up an awesome giveaway and basically letting you choose what FREE product you’d like to score! Just head on over here and enter your date of birth. Fill out the simple form and choose what Free item you’d like to score. You’ll get to choose from Margarita Glasses, Margarita Pitcher, Margarita Shakers, Margarita Ball, Salt Rimmer, Music Download or $5 Mail In rebate Coupon for Jose Cuervo Gold!

I’m not quite sure, but it sounds like you’ll be able to request a new FREE item on a weekly basis! It says it takes 8 weeks to get them.



Jessipie12 said...

It doesn't have TX as a state!! What did you do for the state???

Tiffany said...

If you live in TX or TN you can't enter!

Debko said...

Appears all the giveaways are gone for today....I was hoping for a couple of free Margarita Glasses.