Kroger: More reader Kroger deals!

Thank you for the emails on deals that you have found. I find that many of my best deals come from tips from my friends!

From Jill C. :
My Kroger (N loop and 45 in Conroe) has a whole case full of Dannon yougurt on sale for $.50 with a coupon on them for $.50 off. Hello thanks for paying me for taking this yougurt!!!!
**Also, if I find a great deal on yogurt, I freeze mine.

From Jill:
I didn't see you post the deal on Ozarka water. They are 3/$10 and when you but 3 you get $3 catalina or 4 get $5 catalina

From Katie:
Just wanted to share an awesome deal my sister-n-law and I scored at Kroger last week. We did the old spice deal and ended up with 4 deodorants and 2 bodywashes for a moneymaker of $4.87!!

We definately weren't expecting the moneymaker, but it was so nice when we realized it! Here is what we did...

bought 4 deodorants (old spice)
bought 2 bodywashes (old spice)
used 2 b1g1 deodorant q's
used 1 b1g1 bodywash q's
used 1 $1/2 q's
$3/2 deodorants
$3/2 bodywash

I watched the cashier ring up the free ones and he actually put in the sale price, but my reciept afterwards showed that the regular price came off. I thought that was weird!


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