Silly Bandz Again...

The other day I told you how I had thrown away my girls Silly Bandz on accident. Thank you for all the help in finding them. One of the first things that I did was check Amazon because I can use my Swagbucks to pay for them. I thought they were too expensive and so I asked for your help. I found some at Walgreens ( thanks Jeanne!) and they were 12 for $2.99, I found some at Hallmark (thanks Kelly S. and Carol M.!) they were 24 for $6.99 so I realized that Amazon was actually not a bad price!

Thanks to Patti for the phone call today about my friend Kristen's blog who posted about some new ones on Amazon. I am going to order a few from their today. I can't believe how much my kids love these things! From my 12 year old boy to my 4 year old girl, I have 5 kids CRAZY about them.

I talking to other people I have found out that it seems we are some of the last to catch onto the craze. They have actually been banned in some schools. Interesting!

They are currently 24 for $5.25 on Amazon, and look for the new Disney ones coming out soon!


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mevballmom said...

I found them at walmart. Can't remember the price though. They were in the section of toys i usually avoid since it's the area i call the "cheap junk". They had all kinds of them there.