Toys R Us: Free Littlest Pet Shops!

Remember the My Little Pony deal a few months ago... well here is another good little deal that MIGHT work at your store. This week, Toy’s R Us has this The Littlest Pet Shops on a B1G1 FREE sale, so go get your FREE Pet Shops! Mine did not let me use the B1G1 free coupon, although they had no idea why I couldn't use it.

Buy 2 Littlest Pet Shop Collectible Pet during their B1G1 FREE Sale
Use the 1
Buy 1 Littlest Pet Shop, Get 1 FREE coupon (Click ‘Toys’ category on left) (Note: Toy’s R Us is paying for the 1st FREE one and the manufacture, using the coupon, is paying for the 2nd FREE one.)
(Thanks MDM!)

** I never just check out with only the free items, always throw in something else you need, it really freaks out the cashiers when your total is $0.00!


Jill said...

When I tried they told me they don't take any printed coupons except from their website. And that is from the top, not just certain stores.

wendy said...

Just an FYI- I live in The Woodlands and I was able to do the B1G1 free my little pony deal @ the location on woodlands pkwy. I went in the evening and The cashier asked her manager for approval and he said yeah, no problem. So I got 4 ponys free. I also bought a few other things so my total my a few dollars. Thanks for the heads up on another great deal!!

Melissa said...

My Toys R Us is not doing a B1G1 free sale on these.