What to do with expired coupons.

1. Send coupons that are just a month or two past their expiration date, since it takes time to ship, sort and distribute to personnel.
2. If possible, try to sort coupons into smaller envelopes in the same categories you would use. At the very least, sort them into FOOD and NON FOOD if possible.

**PLEASE sort the coupons into categories before shipping them to Donna. The great news is that she's getting lots of coupons and has sent out over 8 packages to military bases in only one month with your help! If you do send her coupons, please consider including $1 to help her defray the cost of postage.

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Deb said...

Awesome, thank you! Since there are no inserts this weekend, I'm planning on using it to sort out the coupons for the APO addresses. I wasn't sure where to send them, so your timing is great! :)