CVS and Walgreens: Little Deals

Every now and then I run into the store without a plan just to see what there is. That is what happened tonight.

I stopped by the make-up clearance to see what there was, I grabbed a few things that I needed/wanted and had coupons for. Plus, I was planning on using the $1 off Dentyne coupons at Walmart, but mine doesn't carry the small size, so I picked them up at CVS for $1.29 a pack - $1 coupon, so $.29 isn't bad...

Total Spent: $3.87
Total Saved: $57.97

I got the body wash first, than rolled those RR onto the Tampons, then rolled that RR onto the Re-nu (you have to get the sensitive) and left with $7.49 in RR to use at Randalls/Safeway this week on produce!

What deals sis you find this week so far?

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