Kroger: Mega Deals?

Sorry for the pathetic picture, but someone forgot to turn off my camera and my battery is dead. So, I had to take this picture with a Sponge Bob child's underwater camera, Patrick would be proud :)

I have been waiting so long for a good mega deal sale at Kroger, so I was thrilled that THIS WAS MY WEEK! I went to the store and wasn't really impressed.... So I went back today thinking I didn't look close enough because I had kids with me. I still wasn't thrilled, not many of my coupons matched up for anything I needed. Oh Well, may be next time!

Still I didn't do bad,
TOTAL: $16.35
SAVED: $54.48
77% savings!



Anonymous said...

How much did you pay for those Kool Aids and also the Gatorades?

Tiffany said...

The kool aids are on the mega event for $.99 each when you buy 10. The Gatorade I got the large one free with the purchase of the other 2 at $1.40 and $99. They were also on the mega event for $.99 when you buy 10.
I used my free coupons form the Kraft First taste and got some overage!

Mick's Blog said...

There is also a coupons at walmart by the kool-aid, for $1 off two powdered drink mixes, so bring it to Kroger and the kool-aid is only $.50.

Tiffany said...

Wow! I will have to look for those! Thanks!