Craft: Waterfall Card Tutorial

The other day I was so surprised to get this awesome card in the mail from a reader named Lisa! Thank you Lisa! I have not seen one made this way and am on a mission to get some made this week.
It is called a "Water Fall" card.
She took pictures that I had posted and made them into 2x2 squares and printed them in a 4x6 picture.

When you pull the little tab at the bottom, the entire thing pulls down and flips through all the pictures! It is darling!
This is a little video that if you are like me and need to see pictures, explains it very well!


Mom2Boys said...

beautiful! Lisa is a wonderful lady. we scrap together. :)
Her work is so nice.


jenj22 said...

Did you already have the baby? I'm lost. I saw no pics of the newby.

~Mo~ said...

Don't you just love Dawns Tutorials?!! I love your waterfall card!