Hillshire Farm Lunch Meat $5 Grocery gift Card!

Amber you rock! Here is another deal to look out for!

"So I'm making a sandwhich and what do I notice? On my Hillshire Farm lunch meat (which I used one of the .55 coupons to buy) there is a "Get $5 Back" sticker. It's called "Take the fresh taste challenge." You can enter the code on the back of your label at www.freshtastechallenge.com for $5 worth of coupons or mail original reciept and proof of purchase to receive a $5 grocery gift card. Guess I'll have to do the code becasue I can't remember where I bought the meat. Oh well Hillshire Farm! Go meat!"
There are always $.55 coupons available for this lunch meat. But I have noticed this brand has more peelies available all the time on their packages that I rarely use my coupons!
Thanks again Amber!


Joy said...

ok I have some Hillshire products in the fridge. I went and got them and it has the $5.00 thing.
I went to the website and typed in my code and it gets me to the page to download coupons and it won't. My computer beeps like I'm doing something wrong. I've e-mailed them.
Has anyone else had a problem with this?
♥ Joy

Tiffany said...

joy~ I am not sure, I hope someone on here can help?