Kroger: Additional Mega Event Items!

Here are a a few more printable coupons and match-ups for the Kroger Mega Event. Thanks to Kristin. Most of the time the mega events run for 2 weeks, so it isn't too late to go!

My cute brother in law sat over here the other night and I tired to explain how it worked..... I was so impressed when I called looking for my sister and he excitedly said, " I JUST left Kroger! I spent $30 and saved $70!!!" That is from a 20 something year old guy who is too cool for coupons! :)

Soft Soap Hand Soap 8.5 oz — $1 Use 50c printable Total: Free!

Speed Stick — $1 Use $1 from the CVS Reinventing Beauty magazine (this is a mfg coupon) Total: Free!

Scotch Brite Sponges and Brushes — $1 Use $1 from 7/11 or 6/6 SS Total: Free!

Idahoan Potatoes — 49c Use 75c/3 printable Total: 24c ea

Dan-o-nino — $1.79 *Buy 4 and get a $2 Catalina Use $1 printable or 75c from 6/6 SS Total: $1.04 each, plus get a $2 catalina (so it’s like 29c ea)

Del Monte Fruit Cups and Chillers — $1.49 Use $1 from 4/18 RP Total: 49c

L’Oreal Kids Products — $1.50 use 75c from 6/6 RP Total: 75c

Act II Popcorn 6 pack — $1.99 Use 50c from 6/20 SS Total: 99c ea

Lysol Cleaners — $1.99 Use 50c printable Total: 99c

Band-Aids — $2 Use 50c from 6/20 RP Total: $1


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