Kroger: Crayola Catalina Deal!

If you are looking for some school supplies this week, surprisingly, Kroger might be the place! Look at this sweet deal that Thrifty Stores has put together!

Kroger has a catalina promotion going until 8-21 on multiple brands. When you buy $10 worth of product you get a $2 catalina, when you buy $20 you get $4 back.

This is why is it a sweet deal: The register recognizes that regular store price, in this case the Crayola Crayons are normally $2.25, BUT they are on sale this week for $.25! So BEFORE the sale:

9 Boxes of Crayons = $20.25
With sale you pay $2.25 + GET BACK a $4 Catalina!

Now, you can roll this many times on the Crayons and Markers ( they are on sale for $1), just don't clear the shelves :)

** Houston does not have the $.25 Crayons, they are apparently regional. We do have the $1 markers.


Crystal The Coupon Momma said...

Thanks I linked back :)

Julia said...

Hey your RSS feed isn't updating, is there a new address for it?

Crystal The Coupon Momma said...

I looked and its says it is :(. Try now and let me know.

Courtney said...

Houston did not get the .25 cent Crayon Price.
Both the Crayons and Markers are both $1.00. :(

Sheri said...

So, I went to Kroger and they are ringing up 1.00 for the crayons. The regular price said 1.99. Not sure what's up.